MTV Produces First “Gender Fluid” Dating Show

It is estimated in some parts of the country that up to 25% of Zoomers are sodomites. This is a reflection of the trend that choosing to engage in the sin that is tied to the sexual abuse of children, spreads deadly and incurable diseases with life-long consequences, “cries to Heaven for vengeance” and brought down the wrath of God on the plains of Middle Ghor as a sign for all time in an explosion with the force of a hundred megaton bomb is now the cool thing to do.

Culture is changing to align itself to these new ideas because there are so many who support them. With sodomite marriage at a national support level of 62%, at 75% or higher for Millenials and Zoomers, it is likely that support for the act itself is at 75% or higher for the nation as a whole and over 90% for Millenials and Zoomers. This high level of support has been reflected in a recent show by MTV, which is presenting itself as the first “gender fluid” dating show:

The first sexually fluid cast for MTV’s upcoming eighth season of ‘Are You the One?’

The groundbreaking eighth season of the network’s hit series ‘Are You the One?’ is set to premiere on June 26.
MTV on Thursday announced the first sexually fluid cast for the upcoming eighth season of their hit reality series Are You the One? hosted by Terrence J.

Following Are You the One?’s signature format, 16 singles will travel to Hawaii in hopes of finding their “perfect match” and splitting the $1 million cash prize. But, for the first time ever on a dating competition show in the U.S., there will be no gender limitations, as each castmember identifies as sexually fluid.

This season also introduces Dr. Frankie, a relationship expert, who works with the singles to help them cope with current disaster-dating trends such as ghosting, benching and stashing — and tests them on their willingness to fall into these painful trends as they date multiple people on national television.

From coming-out moments to exploring the intricacies of sexual and gender identity, this season of Are You the One? aims to highlight powerful stories about what it means to find love as a sexually fluid individual.

Lighthearted Entertainment’s Jeff Spangler and Rob LaPlante serve as executive producers along with Matt Odgers. Are You the One? season eight is set to premiere June 26 at 9 p.m. ET on MTV. (source, source)

This adjustment show is not a surprise. Rather, it is somewhat surprising it was not aired in the last two years, given the massive changes in society. It is not a “revolutionary” change in so far as social norms are concerned, because while it is a true revolution against the created order and a blasphemous declaration, society has descended so far into an abyss that it is to be expected.

It is not wise at this point to excessively worry about stories such as these in so far as how to go about “stopping” or “confronting” them. Indeed, to confront them is quixotic a-la the failed night of Miguel de Cervantes novel, Don Quixote, did when he tried to attack windmills. I present this and other of such stories in order to document the trends of the times and the particular zeitgeist to show where the nation is headed so that men may see it. The culture war was lost years ago, and Christians are not going to “win” again for the foreseeable future.

This is not a time to despair, but to put one’s faith in God and in His providence, that all will be well. Indeed, in the darkest hour is when the power of the Faith shines brighest. Even if Christ’s Church, sullied as she is by scandals and division in what is arguably the worst point yet in her history, it is not to despair, and even if she should be brought to the edge of destruction by the enemies of God, the fact is that Sacred Scripture in the words of Christ Our Lord promises that she will not be destroyed:

Indeed, He may even come in His own person to rescue her.

There will not be a day of rapture, or a day of escape. But there will be a time of persecution, and even a bringing of Christians to the cross, which is itself a blessing, for that will be the way to life.

So remember these stories, but do not be troubled by them. Christ has conquered the world, and that Christ will see one through. If the times are bad enough, He may step down and come to the succor of man as he did two thousand years ago, except while the first time he came as a babe with mercy, this time will be as an adult with glory and the fire of judgement.

Likewise as I mentioned above, the times of great persecution are also times of great grace. They are times when the sinners who would legitimately feel themselves to be hopelessly unable to reform themselves have without a doubt the grace to realize their transformation if they so desire to have it. This does not mean it will be without pain, as nothing worth having in life usually “feels good”. However, it is there for those who want to have it, and more that likely ever has been before.

So take heart, let stories such as these not trouble for you, but file them away in the archives of your mind that they would be a reminder of the current evils and help to your spirit, knowing that in the midst of all the evils that are engulfing the planet, that you can choose a better path, that a better path does exist, and that the means to do ti are more powerful than ever before.

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