Major Sodomite Website Re-Tweets Article “Reminding” People How “Republicans” Want To Stop Sodomites From Having Little Boys Dress Up And Gyrate So They Can Ogle Them

PinkNews is a major sodomite publication that, in spite of their words, advocates for the advancement of pedophilia. In April, they “warned” that “Republicans” were going to outlaw child “drag shows.”:

Republican lawmakers in Ohio have filed a bill that would clamp down on drag performances by minors as “child exploitation.”

Ohio representative Tim Schaffer has proposed a bill in the state legislature seeking to clamp down on performances by “a child under eighteen years of age or a mentally or physically handicapped child under twenty-one years of age,” in a response to a performance by a nine-year-old drag queen.

Offenders could face up to six months in prison and a $1000 fine, while violations of the law could lead to venues being stripped of their liquor licenses.

In a release, Schaffer confirmed the bill was a response to “a performance by a child in a local bar [that] concerned numerous citizens throughout Fairfield County.”

Nine-year-old performer Jacob Measley and his family have faced a tidal wave of threats and abuse after he performed as “Miss Mae Hem” as a drag event.

His mother Jerri Measley explained told the Toledo Blade that her son decided to take up drag after watching RuPaul’s Drag Race.

Measley added that she does not allow her son to perform to songs with sexual lyrics, and that she closely monitors his performances, which consist of dance moves he learned in gymnastics and dance class.

She said: “Jacob is just a guy who likes to dress up and dance and feel pretty… it’s kind of like Halloween every time he has the opportunity to do it.”

Republican lawmaker Tim Schaffer compares child drag show to human trafficking
Schaffer claimed that show was “a very bad example of parenting,” and likened the performance to human trafficking.

He said: “Given our heightened focus on human trafficking and the role money plays in trafficking children, I knew I had to take action to make sure this activity does not occur again.

“We can do better to protect innocent children and we must do better.”

Schaffer’s bill is co-sponsored by eight other Republican lawmakers, the majority of whom have anti-LGBT records.

They are John Becker, Timothy Ginter, Candice R. Keller, Bernadine Kennedy Kent, Craig S. Riedel, Kent Smith, Fred Strahorn and A. Nino Vitale

The specific wording of the bill would outlaw any performance “that suggests a minor is participating or engaging in sexual activity, masturbation, or bestiality and that, taken as a whole by the average person applying contemporary community standards, appeals to prurient interest.”

There was no suggestion in the show that Measley was “participating or engaging in sexual activity, masturbation, or bestiality,” but campaigners are worried that it could be used to clamp down indiscriminately.

Local LGBT+ campaigner Kristen Angelo said: “There is nothing wrong with what Jacob is doing. Nothing sexual, nothing inappropriate.”

The mayor of Lancaster, David Scheffler, stressed that contrary to claims being spread online, the performer “was fully clothed and was not touched by anyone in the audience.”

He added that there “have been serious threats of violence” following misleading claims being spread about the performance.

Other underage drag performers like Desmond Napoles have had a similar backlash., source)

Now, PinkNews has retweeted the same article, saying that they are issuing the same “warning” again:

There is no reason to issue a “warning” such as this. The very idea that somebody should consider “child drag shows” as something “normal” that needs to be “defended” from those who would stop it is itself and evil action because it is defending a gateway to child sexual abuse.

Normal people do not have children pretend to be another gender and dance around in sexualized clothing. This is something that certain adults of immoral inclinations choose to participate in. He who would expose children to such things is evil. Yet this is the true nature of the sodomite agenda. It wants to pervert children because as the movement cannot grow by any sort of natural means, it can only expand by destroying the vulnerable, and hence why they are being targeted.

Likewise, the question of political affiliation is not relevant to the issue of Sodom since both parties support it. One only needs look no further than Dennis Prager, a famous figure in the “conservative” movement and a Republican, who openly supports pederasty:

What the Democrats do in the open the Republicans also do, but just giving the impression that they are not the same when they are.

Politics is a canard meant to distract people from the real issue, which is a question of good versus evil, and of which both parties choose to support evil because they believe it benefits their power.

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