Jewish Political Analyst Chuck Todd Says Christians Believe In “Fairy Tales”

Is it not a fair observation that if a Christian ever said that ‘Jews believe in fairy tales’, the Israeli lobby would chant it is an act of “anti-semitism” as loud as they could and demand condemnations from Christians? Why is it when, in the same example, a Jew with a major public platform openly insults Christian teachings on national television there is near silence from the same people?

In the midst of their conversation, Todd latched onto a random, almost year-old letter to the Lexington Herald Leader. It was a letter he held up as a “fascinating attempt to kind of explain why some people support President Trump.” Reading from the letter, Todd proceeded to bash Christians, Jews, and Muslims for their religious beliefs:

“Why do good people support Trump? It’s because people have been trained from childhood to believe in fairy tales. This set their minds up to accept things that make them feel good. The more fairy tales and lies he tells the better they feel. Show me a person who believes in Noah’s ark, and I will show you a Trump voter.”

“Look, this gets at something, Dean, that my executive producer likes to say, voters want to be lied to sometimes. They don’t always love being told hard truths,” Todd proclaimed. (source)

Now, as the article has noted, there was also bashing of Jews as well as Muslims in this. However, I would like to focus here on his claims of Judaism, ethnically and religiously, in the context of recent history and the news reported to the public about “anti-semitism” rising in the US.

I have said many times before that the objective hatred of people for racial reasons is wrong. Likewise, I have also said that the pursuit of truth is also the condemnation of wrong ideas because there can only be one truth. These are things which the Catholic Church as stated throughout all of her history because they are true. It is for the Faithful to, and paraphrasing a saying used by Muslims but in its proper context (as for those who have studied Islam, the Mohammedan religion merely served to steal from other religions while creating nothing original herself, making an amalgamation from parts rather than a new creation), which is to “enjoin the right and forbid the wrong.”

It is the Christian thing to condemn evil just as it is to promote good, and it is the Christian thing to criticize what is incorrect and wrong in order that one might be brought to perfection. Thus Christian criticism of Judaism and Jewish ideas or practices, so long as it is not being done for temporal reasons that take precedence over the objective good of the Faith, is no different than criticism of any other religion in so far as the good is about bringing souls to Christ and salvation.

One of the issues of continual ambiguity among Jews is the definition of a “Jew”, which is a combination of ethnicity and religious belief, and is either selectively or mutually emphasized depending on the expediency of the situation for many. The early thinker and writer of the 20th century Otto Weninger has provided a solid definition by saying that Judaism is a “tendency of the mind” that, while being an ethnic designation an under which the “mindset” of Judaism is most prevalent, anybody who adopts this mindset, regardless of being ethnically “Jewish” or not, thus has the same viewpoint just as a person who is ethnically Jewish can be a Christian because he has the mindset of the Christian.

Thus the disagreements of Christians with Jews are not based on “hatred” or “race”, but are ones of theology and principle. The apostles, St. Mary, St. Joseph, and many great saints were all Jews, so the question is not one of race, but rather one of grace. To be a Jew, a member of the “chosen people”, is a quality of soul that by the wondrous work of Christ has allowed all people passage to Heaven, as it was always meant to be.

Another constant point of interest is that throughout history, from the Old Testament to the present time, there have been strong correlations between Jews as an ethno-religious unit and criminal activity. This is not meant as a blanket statement, but is rooted in the words of the Old Testament itself and backed in modern times by the undeniable and documented history of disproportionate Jewish involvement in cultural, political, or social movements that are evil. God calls Jews a “sinful nation, people laden with iniquity, offspring who do evil, children who deal corruptly”, “rulers of Sodom”, and a “people of Gomorrah” whose “hands are full of blood”, and this is just in the first chapter of Isaiah. This does not count the many times that the holy prophets warned the Jews of their crimes, only to ignore them, murder the prophets, and then receive punishment. The culmination of this in Sacred Scripture is the murder of Christ as they mocked Him, declared they have “no King but Caesar”, and that “His blood be upon us and upon our children”, while shouting “Crucify Him”. has written many articles about Jewish behavior post-Christ, and how Jews have disproportionately associated themselves with causes such as ethnic nationalism, violence, racism, and even horrendous things such as International Socialism, National Socialism, and eugenics. However, the constant theme in these stories is, just as it was in the day of the Old Testament, that eventually the evils which the various “lobbies” promote throughout history try to advance, no matter what they are, always turn back upon them. This is not to say that it is something that one should support, but rather an observation based on patterns of history.

The underlying theme in almost all cases of trouble involving Jews is behavior. While true hatred exists, the fact is that most of the violence that is committed against Jews by non-Jews is not done because of just simple hatred, but as a reaction to patterns of abusive and manipulative behavior committed against non-Jews by Jews for their benefit.

Having noted this, it is an opportune time to discuss the situation of Jews in modern times, especially going into a new decade.

There has been much talk of Jews and “persecution” for a long time. Likewise, these facts about Jewish history noted above, which is something that fell out of popularity in discussion for a large part of the late 20th century, has returned due to the proliferation of information by way of the Internet. This is a good thing, as the truth about people is all forms, good, bad, and ugly, should be known.

What has happened is that since the foundation of the state of Israel, the nation has become very powerful in that she has allied herself to the most powerful nation in the world (the US) and has been able to control many politicians and organs of power, thus effectively exerting disproportionate control over many people for her benefit.

A lot of people, especially those under 40, have become aware of this, and do not like it. Likewise, the previous claims of “anti-semitism” are not working as they used to in order to deter people, because those making said criticisms many times are doing it on the basis of behavior patterns. As such, they don’t care about being called “anti-semites”, and using such terms against them only makes them angrier and more likely to persist.

“The Israeli Lobby” has a lot of power, but a lot of people are also tired of their influence. This is the main cause of the growing dislike of Jews and Israel- it is not about race, but behavioral patterns, and a refusal to acknowledge their failures, make amends, and move on with the future. Even many Christians are tired of this, and are starting to speak up in this regard, which is a major change from the Boom generation.

Jews like Chuck Todd can say what they want, and they will, but the people are watching and are becoming upset. One day, and it will come, there will be a change in the political winds, and there will be nothing that Jews or the Israeli Lobby can do about it.

It will not be because of “hatred” or “anti-semitism”, but that is what they will claim. That is why there is such an emphasis on “hate”, because it is as much an excuse as it is a denial of responsibility.

It is about behavior.

It always was about behavior.

When a future conflict begins, Jews may find themselves alone and left to persecution just as it happened throughout history, and if this does happen, it will happen because of their behavior.

It’s not about “hate” or race, but always about actions.

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