Mexican Drug Cartel Takes Man And Beheads Him ISIS-Style

Right now there is a lot of talk about Trump murdering general Soleimani to stop “terrorist plots” that he was supposedly orchestrating against the US for the Iranian government. Yet right now, the second most dangerous place in the world is Mexico, where drug cartel terrorists are beheading people on camera ISIS-style,.

Ask yourself, if the US is looking at a war with Iran over claims of “terrorism” thousands of miles away, but there are objective real terrorist threats from drug cartel terrorists in Mexico, could there be something else going on here?

And while Americans are fixated on “building the wall” and ‘war with Iran’, people in Mexico and Central America are suffering from the narcos. has already answered this question, describing how the cartels are extensions of US foreign policy and have been used as proxy soldiers in geopolitical struggles against the Russians. In the meantime, it is the common people who severely suffer as a result of people playing chess with human lives as the pieces.

Perhaps the issue with Iran, while it makes for excellent political fodder, is really just a distraction from other and more important issues.

The moment of interrogation, decapitation and dismemberment of a young man whom they accuse of having belonged to a group of drug-trafficking commandos has circulated on social networks.

A subject who they identify as Randy, another known as Bambán and another whom they call Colin, in scenes divided into two videos, the young man who appears stuck and surrounded by several armed subjects and with his face covered, accuses police officers of several corporations, of collusion with the same subjects already mentioned.

Later, the young man accepts that he is a “hawk” and that the criminal group to which he belonged extorted, kidnapped and killed innocent people in the municipalities of Teloloapan and Iguala in the state of Guerrero located in southern Mexico.

The subject who interrogates him threatens that the same thing they are doing to those who appear in the scenes will happen to those who support the criminal group with which they operate and the state, ministerial and municipal police in particular.

While the last words of the young man is to ask his accomplices to stop extorting, kidnapping and killing innocent people, his head is then cut off and dismembered him.

It is not known precisely when and where this interrogation and murder occurred but apparently it was registered in the area of ​​Tierra Caliente in Guerrero, where several criminal and self-defense groups fight the territory in an increasingly violent way despite calls from the government Current Mexican to lay down arms. (source)

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