Talk Of Iran, War, Terrorism As A Vehicle Of Policy And 9/11 2.0

Terrorist activity, like pornography, is often directly tied to political and social initiatives driven by governments around the world. The latter is often directed internally, and the former is often directed externally, but both can be used in either case for political ends and on behalf of financial, industrial, or eugenic interests.

We know for a fact that there is a lot more that took place surrounding the September 11th, 2001 terrorist attacks, that while horrible, were not just known to the government, but were tied to individuals, groups, and business interests in the US and Israel involved in either former Cold War operations or “shadowy” interests. I do not wish to talk about specifics, because they have been discussed at length by us and other persons. Rather, I am interested in focusing on the result, which was the justification for the American invasion of Afghanistan and subsequently Iraq as well as the orchestration of revolutions throughout the Middle East and North Africa.

It has been almost twenty years since 9/11, and her memory is already beginning to fade in the public mind. This is of great concern to both Ted and I, for we fear- and with good reason -that another major terrorist attack is being prepared right now, and not by simply “Islamic terrorists” acting for the glory of Allah, but with the direct assistance of the US and Israeli government just as it was both entities who created the Taliban through the anti-Soviet Cold War program Operation Cyclone, which until the confirmation of the US-funding, arming, and training of ISIS terrorists in 2014 by way of the CIA program Operation Timber Sycamore, was the most expensive intelligence operation conducted to date in US history.

Below I reprint my original piece (which you can read here) on what I entitled was the “Mile High Massacre,” a very short story depicting a horrific terrorist attack at Mile High Stadium in Denver, where thousands die on live television and the attack is blamed on Iran, even though the ones who did the attack were speaking Chechen and Uzbek (the languages for two groups of people that many terrorists have come from as well as have had long ties to US intelligence operations in the Middle East, Balkans, and Central Asia), and how two photographers who “miraculously” survived the massacre and caught most of what happened on film also have direct ties to the IDF and CIA.

I am doing this because given how the public has become more desensitized to violence, that people do not care about Islam as they once did, and that the social ethos is changing naturally, the previous narrative foisted upon the public is changing to the point that the joint US-Israeli lock on what worked in 2001 is now failing to generate the same impact today, which is to boost military recruitment for American foreign wars and US-Israeli financial investments.

My position on Islam has not changed in so far as my fundamentals, which is that my dislike and opposition to Islam is rooted in an Evangelical zeal, not one of politics, which is sadly, as I have pointed out before, what much of the talk about the religion is oriented towards. Life is more than political gain, and as Christ famously asked, what is the profit to a man if he should gain the world but lose his soul? The criticism and exposes which Ted, Walid, and I have done over the years were always about the opposite, which is that we sincerely desire for the Muslims that which we desire for ourselves, which is the salvation of Christ and, God willing, that we would be able to enter into His Holy Kingdom to be with Him. At the very best, temporal political aspirations were always a secondary thing, subject to caring for the former’s needs.

If a major domestic terrorist attack happens- and I certainly hope it does not because I do not want death and destruction for anybody -then be careful not to just “blame the Muslims”, because where there are Muslims and Muslim groups who share objective culpability, as I have said for years, the inherent theological errors and evils of Islam that allow for terrorism to be a part of Islamic theology- and you can read our analyses of this in the Shoebat archives -has been exploited by governments for centuries for their own ends. What is happening today is not new save for the tools and techniques used to realize the same ends.


(Originally written October 2018)

There is always much speculation about how another terrorist attack may look. Some have speculated that just at the attack at the World Trade Center was meant to represent “America,” so would another major icon of “Americanism” be attacked.”

The following is an exercise in precisely this. What could such an attack look like, and what would be the results?

Let’s take the Denver Broncos, as they are a team with a history of Superbowl wins but a lot of losses that incites the passion of her fans in the same way that the Red Sox-Yankees rivalry did for baseball.

Picture the following scenario.

It is the Superbowl weekend, one of the most important holidays in the American pagan religious calendar. It’s Denver vs. Dallas, being played at Mile High Stadium in Colorado. Both sides are filled with zeal for their teams, and you can feel the tension, the passion, and the fervor in the air. There are the lines of people with their fan signs and noisemaking trinkets, the fat guys who have painted their faces and chests to show their tribal support, the smell of cheap hot dogs and soda permeating the air in a combination of sweat, cheap alcohol from those who snuck drinks into the game, various snacks with the sweat of thousands of people all yelling and moving with a frenzied excitement.

They game is playing, and the score is 7-7 and it is about two-thirds way through the game. It may be winter in the Rockies but everyone’s body heat is overwhelming, and the constant energy and adrenaline rushes have pushed the spectators into a combination of exhaustion, disorientation, and excitement. Nobody knows who could win as this has been one of the closest games in recent NFL history. The sports commentators of ESPN, NBC, ABC, CBS, and the other stations are giving their coverage of what is happening when suddenly as the ball is hiked for the second down, there is a massive explosion followed by horrified screams, followed by a cloud of dust and flying debris. A flying piece of wood hits one of the NFL players in the head, knocking him over with clear injuries, but nobody stops to care because they are still trying to figure out what is happening.

A second explosion goes off, followed by what sounds like machine gun fire. The stadium is completely in panic, people want to flee but they have no idea what is happening and are straining forward to look at what thing might be taking place. Are they going to live or die? What is going on??

Then suddenly across the stadium there are more horrified screams, and people’s heads begin to explode from what looks like rapid fire bullets coming through the crowd. Then a flash, and a bang, and what looks like a massive firework shoots out of the cloud sending a Stinger missile right into the stadium and hitting a family of four, vaporizing them instantly and killing at least a hundred immediately surrounding them. Body parts are flying everywhere, and the crowds get up and like crabs in a bucket desperately try to escape over each other, yet all moving so hard and fast they trample each other and are unable to exit because of the motion. During the chaos they fail to see that following the smoke trail from the missile just burst through the crowd a humvee with Arabic writing on it and a black flag with Arabic letters, fully outfitted with two 50 caliber machine guns, two men with rocket launchers, and other men with AK-47s. Their vehicle is filled with enough ammunition to fight a small war that they intent to wage jihad on all 75,000 people in attendance at the game.

A man shouts in a language that sounds like Uzbek something, and they pull a lever on their machine guns and just let fire. Thousands of people are falling like leaves in autumn, blood is everywhere, the reporters are panicking as they try to cover it and flee, and many die in the chaos, including some of them on live television. A bullet goes through the chest of a major ESPN anchor and explodes his guts before hitting the camera and the station transmission being stopped. Rockets are being fired in what feels like an endless barrage of firepower as more and more perish.

After a minute or two of what seems like an eternity the terrorists put down the machine guns and jump down into the field. They grab as many of the survivors as they can and, coincidentally, two surviving cameramen named Doug Smith and Aaron Silverfarb, and drag them with their cameras to the field and force them to broadcast that they are about to do to the survivors.

One of the terrorist leaders, who calls himself Abu Umar, walks boldly over to a bleeding and obviously in pain Denver Broncos football player, a Heisman trophy winner in college and at his first season in the NFL and at the Superbowl. Abu Umar pulls out a foot-long dagger, grabs the player by this hair and holding dagger in the air he recites in what sounds to be his Chechen-accented Arabic:

“In the name of Allah the merciful, the lord of the worlds, we are the members of the Army of Al-Islam and Al-Iraan, and we have been sent to punish the infidels of Amreeka and to bring the justice of Allah subhana wa ta’alaa before the whole world for her evils against the Muslims. I Abu Umar, the commander of the faithful decree that we demand and Islamic state in the land of Al-Faarsi. Dead to Donald Traamp, death to Amreeka, and death to democracy.”

Abu Umar then takes his knife and viciously saws off the head of the young football player as he gurgles for help but cannot scream and blood pours out over his jersey. Umar then takes a football, places it in the player’s arms and places his decapitate head on top of the ball before the Muslims should “Allahu Akbar,” all the while Mr. Jones is filming.

One by one the terrorists go through the crowd, shooting or hacking the wounded and the fleeing with swords. An injured young blonde woman tries to get away, and as Mr. Aaron Silverfarb is being force to film, another Muslim terrorist who calls himself Jamal and appears to be of a darker, perhaps Pakistani-ish descent, grabs her by her hair and she screams, and he says “I am going to f*ck you now you infidel!”, when then the camera cuts off.

“Security cameras” continue to catch the massacre as it happens around the stadium. Some people who are fleeing and managed to survive also livestreamed to Facebook and Twitter some of what happened. The world watches in horror and shock, helpless at what to do, the news media has interrupted all broadcasting to cover the event, and the world is awaiting on the word of the President. School has been cancelled across America, people are being sent home early from work, the phone lines are so busy they are all jammed and few can call, every store and place where people meet without exception is filled with pain, panic, and chaos.

Within an hour of the attack, the SWAT and military are dispatched to the stadium to do battle. No helicopters are called and no bombs dropped, nor any air attacks done, but instead a full ground assault is put forward. The terrorists yell something in Uzbek or Chechen, and then pull out a Persian flag and yell something again before getting to the machine guns and start firing them and Stinger missiles at areas they think are SWAT or military troops. Hundreds of soldiers die, and at one point the cameras go out on all sides. A few minutes later they re-emerge and what looks like the bodies of the dead terrorists are shown strewn about the field and humvee they came into the stadium on, and a SWAT soldier praying over his rifle on the body of a dead terrorist is taken by Mr. Silverfarb, and it goes international instantly.

Less than a day after the attack happens, President Trump convenes an emergency meeting of Congress, which blames Iran and with the support of the entire world goes for “immediate military action” against Iran. Bombs fall on Tehran, Tabriz, Qom and Isfahan. The country is turned into a wasteland, and American troops from across the Middle East and the USA with British, French, German, and even Japanese and Turkish help rush into Iran and seize the country.

Back at home, American flags are sold out everywhere and flying. People have flags on their cars. At least a dozen elderly Pakistani men walking home have been beaten by mobs of angry Americans while shouting “USA USA, damn Islamic terrorists”, three Syrian gas station attendants have been shot by a man named Travis who said he did it because “I though he was going to kill me,” and a man named Jeffrey burns down a local vegan Kebob shop owned by a white lady name Judy and her computer programmer husband Bill from the suburbs because of “terrorist food.”

Toby Keith’s “Courtesy of the Red, White, and Blue” along with “God Bless the USA” become the #1 song overnight as country song artists belt out hit-after-hit of patriotic songs eulogizing the dead and justifying American militarism. On FOX News, a commentator during a “roundtable” discussion says “Weren’t those people speaking Uzbek or Chechen and not Persian?”, and immediately Sean Hannity shouts “WHY DO YOU LIBERALS HATE AMERICA SO MUCH???”

The survivors are interviewed and being called by talk radio stations around the country and world. Aaron Silverfarb and Doug Jones’ photos and video are all over the world, and immediately money flows in as well as fame. Everybody wants to know them and meet them, and the two are just “amazed” about what has happened. The soldiers who “took down the terrorists” are also treated the same, and bare-breasted women thrown themselves at them as though it was a rock concert.

The massacre is eventually called the “Mile High Massacre” in American history textbooks.

But amid the chaotic emotions and frenzy, there are still questions.

Why were these men speaking Chechen and Uzbek, not Farsi?

How did they get 50 caliber machine guns and Stinger missiles, which a New York Times journalist later discovers were found to be “stolen” US military property three months ago from Redstone Arsenal and Fort Hood but NOBODY DID ANYTHING ABOUT IT?

Doug Jones talks about his life, and says that his grandfather was in the OSS and his father worked for Voice of America. Aaron Silverfarb says he is a dual US-Israeli citizen who served in the IDF and has a cousin in the Mossad.

Why is it from the film taken the terrorists are not short men with black hair, but tall, bulky men with reddish-brown hair or Asiatic eyes, and a few are almost as dark as Pakistanis?

Why is it that the photos and pictures of the bodies of the dead terrorists released look completely different, and do not even match the terrorists caught on live film from those fleeing the attack?

Why is it that the same day that Congress authorized war with Iran they also passed the “Make America Great Again Act”, a 2,000 page document in tiny font that authorizes for the government to seize, detain, torture, and kill anybody anywhere, US citizen or not, if it is done in the name of “stopping terrorism,” as well as authorize “enhanced centers for terrorist detainment and labor-centric internment” for the same accusations of a crime?

But none of these questions will be asked, and anybody who asks them will be accused of SUPPORTING THE ENEMIES OF AMERICA AND TERRORISTS.

Now all of the above has been an exercise in fiction. None of it is real, and hopefully none of this will ever happen. It would be a terrible tragedy if it did.

But this is an example of what happens when “situations” are mapped out. It is a known fact that governments use terrorism for political purposes, and the US government is perhaps the most infamous example of doing this, as she has consistently used terrorism for this reason going back to the Spanish Civil War, and even before.

Ask yourself, were the events of September 11th just isolated, that the government did not know anything, and did nothing at all that may have assisted said terrorists to carry out their plans?

In Operation Northwoods, which was rejected by President Kennedy, there was a plan to have CIA operatives pose as Cuban terrorists that would kidnap and murder Americans during a hostage situation, at which point the US would use it as a reason to invade Cuba.

Now the scenario above does not have to be the Superbowl. It doesn’t have to be in the USA. It could be another place or time, or a different set of circumstances. However, it is to illustrate that just as how one sets up the scene for a play, one can set up, knowing and understanding human behavior and reactions to said situations, how to manipulate a crowd to support a specific cause. In the hands of a person who has a darwinian view of life and work, death does not matter so long as it justifies a cause, for “the ends justify the means.”

It is unlikely that such a plan would be used in the immediate future. However, one must not say that it cannot be used, because in the event that a plan REALLY wants to get pushed through, and be “creative” enough as to be believable as well as palpable to the American palate, one should not put it aside. Think of such things as a “red button” plan, used to force a decision through when most options are out.

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