Michigan Sodomite Meets Man On Grindr, Stabs Him In The Back And Slits His Throat Open, Then Hangs The Corpse Upside-Down From The Ceiling, Cuts Off His Testicles And Eats Them

Shoebat.com has made it a point to document the long history of sodomite criminal activity, as it is disproportionate to their segment of the population and is too often very heinous and sickening.

According to a recent story from Michigan, a sodomite met another for a sodomite hookup on Grindr. When the men met with each other, one of them stabbed the other one, slit his throat, then took the corpse, hung it from a ceiling, cut his testicles off and ate them.

A Michigan hairstylist was stabbed in the back, his body hung upside down from a ceiling, and his testicles cut off by a man he met on Grindr, authorities said.

The 50-year-old suspect, Mark Latunski, told detectives he cooked and ate the victim’s testicles after meeting up with 25-year-old Kevin Bacon through the gay dating app, authorities told BuzzFeed News. New allegations in the horrific Christmas week killing were released Monday in court documents after a Michigan State Police detective testified on the investigation last week.

Bacon is believed to have met Latunski on Christmas Eve after connecting with him on Grindr. He had been missing for three days when Michigan police showed up at Latunski’s home in Bennington Township, looking for Bacon.

Inside, police found Bacon’s naked body still hanging from the ceiling.

“Mr. Latunski stated he used a knife, stabbed him in the back one time, then slit his throat,” Det. Sgt. James Moore testified, according to court documents. “Afterwards, Mr. Latunski stated he wrapped rope around the ankles of Mr. Bacon, and hung him from the rafters on the ceiling.”

Lt. Dave Kaiser told BuzzFeed News that authorities believe Bacon was already dead when he was castrated by the suspect.

On the night he was last seen, Bacon told his roommate he was leaving to meet up with someone. During the days he was missing, friends and family members organized search parties for him and tried to spread the word through social media.

On Monday, after allegations of their son’s last moments were made public, his parents urged people to use caution when using dating apps.

“He obviously got into something he was not prepared for,” his father, Karl Bacon, said in a press conference. “Evil does exist, and it touched us.”

He said his son loved and cherished everyone he came in contact with, and that the family was still trying to come to grips with the allegations.

“It’s gut-wrenching to hear the details, and we’re beside ourselves,” he said. “I don’t think we’ve had the time … to process everything.”

n a court hearing on Dec. 30, Latunski claimed that his name was not Mark Latunksi, but rather Edgar Thomas Hill. He claimed that Latunski was his nephew’s name.

The Flint Journal reported that Latunski has a history of mental illness, which was partially documented in a court motion from his ex-wife in August that sought to limit his time with his children. The motion claimed that since 2010, Latunski had been diagnosed with depression, paranoid schizophrenia, and a personality disorder, and that he had a history of not taking his medication.

Jamie Arnold, Latunski’s husband of three years, told the publication he learned about his partner’s mental health in July when he was arrested for failing to pay child support.

“To my knowledge, I couldn’t force him to see a therapist or take medication,” he told the Flint Journal. “Never in a million years did I think he’d be capable of doing such a horrendous crime.” (source)

One should not be surprised by crimes such as these as they are far too common among sodomites. One example of such a crime happened in the UK where two sodomites met up for ‘sleazy sex’ and one murdered the other, grated his flesh with a cheese grater, and then ate it using chopsticks. You can read about them in the Shoebat archives.

The wage of sin is death, and the embrace of sodom is to embrace a heinous sin so evil that God set an example for all time by raining fire and brimstone down upon those wicked places on the plains of Middle Ghor thousands of years ago and was noted in the Bible. What was true then is true today, and one cannot expect an evil that was then to be less evil than now, for truth does not change.

This is not strange, but another day in among the citizens of Gomorrah.

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