Poll Claims That Most Irish Want Pro-Lifers Banned From Protesting Murder Centers

According to a recent poll in Ireland, it asserts that most Irish want pro-life witness in any forms banned from outside murder centers.

A new poll suggests that a majority of people in Ireland support the introduction of “exclusion zones” where pro-life witness is banned outside abortion centers.

According to a poll carried out by Amárach Research for RTÉ (the national public service media of Ireland) 77 percent of people surveyed support such a ban.

The news comes after Simon Harris, Ireland’s health minister, promised last week that he is “committed” to banning pro-life witness around abortion facilities.

In September 2019 Garda (Irish police) commissioner Drew Harris said that existing public order legislation was adequate to deal with protests outside abortion centers.

In a letter to the health minister, the police commissioner said that new laws would be “redundant” at this time and that there was no evidence that women seeking abortions in Ireland had been abused or insulted outside abortion facilities.

He wrote: “I confirm my satisfaction with existing public order legislation to adequately deal with any reasonable public order incident that may arise at such centres.”

“People attending pro-life vigils are not interested in popularity ratings,” she said. “We understand that our presence reminds many of what they voted for in May 2018. It makes them uncomfortable. Our role however, is to make prayerful reparation for the sins of abortion and we pray for everyone involved including the abortionists, the unborn babies, and their mothers.”

Aoife continued, “those who wish to crush our democratic right to pray in public should be concerned since bullying of pro-life people by Minister Simon Harris and others, may be extended to them by the Government in the future. Be careful what you wish for.”

Liam Gibson, the Society for the Protection of Unborn Children’s Belfast-based political officer and a pro-life leader in Ireland for nearly 20 years, told LifeSiteNews that the results of the survey are “irrelevant.”

“It doesn’t matter whether nearly 80, 90 or even a hundred percent of people want to ban pro-life demonstrations at abortion facilities, freedom of speech and freedom of expression are basic civil and political rights,” said Gibson. “In fact, the more unpopular the cause being espoused, the greater the need for legal safeguards for those who advocate that cause. Any legislation which targets peaceful demonstrators merely because politicians find their opinions objectionable is incompatible with the rule of law in a civilised society.”

He continued:

Whatever the government has planned will be challenged in court. Articles 10 and 11 of the European Convention on Human Rights, which is binding on the Republic of Ireland, guarantee freedom of speech and freedom of assembly. And Article 6 of the Irish Constitution protects the right of citizens to assemble peaceably and without arms. This right can only be lawfully restricted if demonstrations are deemed to be “calculated to cause a breach of the peace or to be a danger or nuisance to the general public.” It’s quite likely that legislation exclusively restricting pro-life vigils would be considered unconstitutional since they would be designed to discriminate against one section of the public who wish to express a political or religious conviction that killing unborn children is wrong.

The fact that Irish politicians have launched this attack on freedom of speech just days after abolishing the country’s blasphemy laws, supposedly in [defense] of freedom of speech, highlights the shocking level of hypocrisy which now dominates Irish society. (source)

This is not a surprise. Ireland is a “Catholic” country, but mostly in name only, and most younger people have and do not want affiliation with religion at all. The nation, once which sent missionaries around the world, is now in desperate need of mission work because the country which once was is no more.

Many attribute the changes in Europe to demographics strictly, and while this is in part true, the reality is that all change begins from within.

Europe has been in rejection and outright rebellion against God for a while. To the contrary, many other people in African and Asian nations care about truth. The Europeans will not have children, but these people who are migrating have children and are sending their children to Europe to find work.

The Irish may be in “rebellion” to the Catholic Faith, and there may be problems with the Church in Ireland, but the level of rejection taking place today is historic. No enemy from without, not even the English, have compelled the Irish to do this, but they are doing it of their own will. Yet it was the Catholic Faith that sustained them throughout their long history.

The mercy of God is on the generation who fears him, not on any other characteristics as is directly stated in the Bible. God is patient, but He does not just tolerate evil.

Abortion is a grave sin. No people, and it does not matter who it is, that chooses to murder their progeny will have a future. The problem is hard enough in the US and many other nations, but Ireland, a tiny country with a long history and unfortunately a lot of corruption is already in a bad place, and adding this particular sin to it will only make her problems worse.

The answer to this is the same as it always was, which is to return to God and to the truth. However, if most people do not want to do this, the future is not good, and it is possible that the “native Irish”- as they are the ones largely behind this push to strip Christianity from society and institute the worst of the pagan world in her place -may find themselves replaced by a “new Irish” that is nothing like the old, and this is not to attack “migrants” or to promote any sort of hatred, but to acknowledge the above facts. Either one must repent, or the nation does not have a future.

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