Sodomite Marriage Is Now Legal In Northern Ireland

The fall of Ireland to the lobby of Sodom was bad enough. This plague has now spread to the Protestant enclave of Northern Ireland, where sodomite “marriage” is now legal.

Same-sex marriage is now legal in Northern Ireland, sparking concern among religious and conservative leaders in the Christian-majority country.

As of Jan. 13, same-sex couples are able to register to marry in the country, and those who are already married will have their union recognized by law, according to the BBC.

Those who already have civil partnerships are not able to convert to a marriage.

The move marks the implementation of legislation passed through Westminster last year, which legalized both abortion and gay marriage. The implementation of the legislation brings the province in line with the rest of the United Kingdom, where gay marriage has been legal since 2014.

In July, the U.K. government declared that Northern Ireland’s laws on abortion and gay marriage were out of compliance with human rights regulations, and would have to change if the region’s own government didn’t intervene, The New York Times reported.

The Northern Ireland Office is set to begin a consultation later this year about converting civil partnerships and the role of churches in same-sex marriages. The Protestant population is roughly equal to the Catholic population in the country.

Last week, The Christian Institute expressed concern that the new law “could get in the way of free speech and debate about gay marriage.”

It warned the Northern Ireland Office that it would seek legal action unless citizens receive “clear protections for free speech, written into public order law, just like they were in England and Wales before gay marriage was introduced there.”

Colin Hart, Director of The Christian Institute, said that “when same-sex marriage registration starts on 13 January another set of robust protections will be needed to protect those in Northern Irish society who disagree with same-sex marriage”. (source)

At this point, it is not possible to hide from the scourge of sodom. The entire world has been infected by the virus, and it continues to spread.

People say that one must “take a stand”, and that historically means directly fighting face-to-face whatever is put in front of one, and that still remains largely true but must come with some modifications.

Many believe that when the Messiah returns, the world will have returned to what it once was like in the days before Christ. That the Gospel after having gone out throughout the world, will be rejected by the world and thus usher in the last days. The Christians were once in the Roman catacombs, and those who are faithful must likely have to return to them at some point.

There is only so much that one can do. At this point, the best options are going to be to prepare for the future, and to work in the context and to the abilities that one has but without unnecessarily endangering oneself.

The current situation is not a mess that one can fix on his own. It is only a mess that God can fix.

This does not mean that man gives up. It does mean a re-evaluation of how one goes about taking care of his priorities.

There are some countries who have not submitted to sodom, but they will likely be forced to do this, and because of this one cannot describe the influence of the LGBT lobby as just “growth”, but as conquest and the forceful imposition of their particular beliefs. It is the evangelization of a religious sect, except one whose core beliefs are a sin that “cries out to Heaven for vengeance”.

Man as a creation does not “evolve”, and certainly truth does not “evolve”, but how one approaches dealing with problems and presenting the truth in that context changes.

For the future, before this mess is dealt with as it inevitably will be, Christians must modify their approach to how they express and learn about what is true. One cannot rely on the outside, or upon society or governments or public education to do this. One should not do this anyway, but the matter has become more pressing as the situation has become much worse. Again, this is not something that is going to go away, and one of the best things is that at least in the Western world the clear problems are obvious and not hidden up, so they can therefore be dealt with much easier than in places where things are more covered up. It is arguable that those who do cover up such things will have a harder time in this particular case dealing with them, because the ideas are being forced so hard, so powerfully, and so brutally that there is almost no way to fully stop it.

This is the true “evolution”- it will be one of approach and soul to confronting the spirit of the age, knowing that while societies fail, God does not, and that it is for one to be faithful, persistent, resilient, and ready to face what comes, knowing that in time all will be made right again.

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