The Right-wing Is Just As Homosexual And Antichrist As The Left-wing

By Theodore Shoebat

The Right point the finger to the Left as the party of degeneracy, but the reality is that the Right is just as degenerate and just as much entrenched in Sodom as the Left. The only difference is that the Right conceals this better than the Left, since it masquerades itself as being for good values. When one inquires into the inner doings of the Right, the plotting and the devising, one will find Sodom converged with the members of Antichrist, in that realm of Sodom and Egypt that lies within the fleshy Jerusalem.

On the night of January 19th of 2017, to celebrate the election victory of Donald Trump, various Right-wing activists and plotters gathered together to party in an event known as “DeplorableBall” (named after Clinton’s description of half of Trump fans as “a basket of deplorables”). Present in the party was a major Silicon Valley industrialist and homosexual named Peter Thiel. Not only was Thiel a funder for Trump’s campaign, he has also been a prominent financier for eugenist causes. A journalist for the New Yorker, Andrew Marantz, was in DeplorableBall on assignment and witnessed how he “A few feet away, in the semidarkness, stood Peter Thiel.” He heard rumors that Thiel “was a secret donor to the DeplorableBall, but none of the party’s organizers had expected him to show up” (see Anti-Social, ch. 3, p. 47)

Peter Thiel was a major funder for the Alt-Right writer, Curtis Yarvin (also known as Mencius Moldbug), a Jew and eugenist. Thiel funded Yarvin’s company, Tlon, and supported its co-founder, John Burnham. When Burnham was just 18, Thiel payed him $100,000 to skip college and work directly in business, eventually partnering with Yarvin at Tlon under the bizarre title of “benevolent dictator for life.” Yarvin’s other company, Urbit, had also been funded by Thiel. In an article authored by Yarvin, entitled, “Why I am not a White Nationalist,” he wrote that he cannot be an antisemite because he is Jewish, but nonetheless he happily linked to eugenists: “I am not a white nationalist, but I do read white-nationalist blogs, and I’m not afraid to link to them . . . I am not exactly allergic to the stuff”.

He referenced known eugenists and racists Jared Taylor and Steve Sailer and declared himself an advocate for “human cognitive biodiversity,” or the idea of different races inherit different levels intelligence. Yarvin then suggested that “White nationalists [are] right, and everyone else [is] wrong”. Yarvin wrote this article in the year 2007, the same year in which the Brussels Counterjihad conference took place in the EU Parliament building. What is interesting is that Yarvin points to Counterjihad figures in his article. For example he writes:

The two central organs of intellectual white nationalism in the US are American Renaissance and VDare. If there is a European equivalent, it is probably Brussels Journal.

The editor for the Brussels Journal is Paul Belien, one of the organizers (alongside Flemish Nazi, Filip DeWinter) of the Brussels Counterjihad conference of 2007. It is quite interesting to see how racialists, immigration provocateurs and other radicals of dark sciences began to express an intensity for their hysteria in the year 2007. In 2017, Buzzfeed released correspondence between Yarvin and another Jewish homosexual provocateur named Milo Yiannopolous. When Yiannopolous said that Peter Thiel “needs guidance on politics,” Yarvin responded: “Less than you might think!… He’s fully enlightened, just plays it very carefully.” The Buzzfeed article also revealed that Yarvin was at Thiel’s house in the night of the 2016 election (Ibid, p. 157). What was said between them we may never know, but what we can recognize is a network of these fanatics collaborating together for a nefarious purpose.  Milo is a major promoter of pedophilia who participated in pedophile parties in Hollywood. To quote Milo:

“The relationships with those with older men have helped those young boys discover who they are. And give them security and safety, provide them with love and reliable and sort of a rock. Where they can’t speak to their parents.”

Also present in DeplorableBall was Jim Hoft, a homosexual and the founder of the Gateway Pundit, and Lucian Wintrich (Lucian Einhorn), a homosexual Jew who wrote for the Gateway Pundit and would eventually become a White House correspondent (Ibid, p. 46-47). Marantz recalls how Wintrich told him, “I have to finish painting my toenails before I put on my tux.” (Ibid, p. 56)

The sodomite aggregate within the ranks of the Right was assisted by the likes of people like Andrew Breitbart, who was raised Jewish and called himself “proudly and playfully Jewish”. Breitbart pushed for greater acceptance of Sodom within the Republican Party. Breitbart was also in the advisory board for GOProud, a sodomite Republican organization. Now while conservatives would praise Breitbart as an alternative to the “main stream media,” what most do not think about is that if Breitbart and outlets like it become the dominant media, they will become the new main stream media. This is why terms like “political correctness” don’t really mean much because those complaining about Left-wing “PC culture,” once they take positions of power, will determine what is worthy of being heard and what is deemed for censorship. In other words, the struggle for influence is the struggle for who can define political correctness. “My goal is to destroy The New York Times and CNN,” said Breitbart in 2010 (p. 127). These words denote the reality of this struggle.

Dennis Prager, a Jewish Right-wing radio host, will also back Sodom and speak very lightly about pedophilia, as is demonstrable in his conversation with the sodomite Dave Rubin:

Prager: “I am as comfortable with these two couples as with heterosexual couples

Rubin: And by the way, for the record, right before we started you asked me if I was married. You didn’t know if I was straight or gay and I didn’t sense that you cared—

Prayer: And my immediate concern was how did you meet. I wanna hear your romance. I’m as interested as if it was a woman.

Prager: “Well I assumeyou’d rather be on a political channel than a gay channel.”

Rubin: “Yeah!”

Prager: You’re not defined by your gayness.

Rubin: “This is as gay as it gets.

Prager: “Yes.”

Prager: “Normal is not defined by your sexual orientation … By the way I actually believe bisexual is the norm.

Prager: “The Bible said: ‘Men, you are as happy with boys — I don’t mean 8 year olds, 15 year olds — just as a grown man is happy with a 15 year old girl. In that sense, homosexuals and heterosexuals are identical.”

The sodomite center of the Right was seen so plainly in the “WAKE UP” LGBTrump event in the summer of 2016, where lunatic hystericals like Pamela Geller, Geert Wilders and Jim Hoft spoke around giant photos of half-nude young men, in praise of Trump and how Trump was going to protect sodomites from Muslims. The photos were taken by the Jewish sodomite, Lucian Wintrich, who would later boast about how, because of his photos, “Conservatives and even Evangelical Christian conservatives have been standing up for homoerotic photography taken by a gay guy.” The day before Trump’s inauguration Windtrip was made the White House press correspondent for the Gateway Pundit. His first assignment was a conference between Donald Trump and Justin Trudeau who Windtrip wanted to challenge with questions about Islamic and Sharia persecution of gays.

Windtrip wanted his questioning to be filmed and so he worked with two filmmakers, Andrew Marcus and Jeremy Segal (both Jews). When they were planning for the questioning, Wintrich asked if he should ask questions about policy. “Policy schmolicy,” Hoft scoffed. Segal added his own wisdom: “Fuck policy.” This is the level of intelligence and eruditeness that the American Right has downgraded to.

Earlier in the conversation Hoft would advise Windrich: “Just make sure everything has ‘fake news’ in it, Lucian. … Every question you ask with the words ‘fake news,’ you get a ten-dollar bonus. We’ll add that to your contract.” Notice the strategy here: stress on the term “fake news,” in order to make the mainstream media look “fake” and the alternative media outlets look authentic. This is a strategy to simply become the dominating media force; it is an attempt at conquest, a battle for the minds and a move to warp the political mentality of the society.

Later in the conversation Windrich concluded that needed to push the sodomite narrative in the attack on Trudeau. “Not to use the gay angle right out of the gate,” he said, “but we could say, ‘You’ve voiced support for Castro, who imprisoned gays, and for Muslims, who kill gays — what do you have against people?'” “Thats epic,” Hoft replied. “I think its trollier, from a trolling perspective,” Wintrich said. “Love it,” responded Hoft (Ibid, pp. 228-229).

When I was reading these stories one thing I noticed is how many Jews and homosexuals have been involved in pushing nationalist hysteria. These are the members of that earthly Jerusalem that St. John described as Sodom and Egypt. As St. Paul describes the Jews: “they do not please God and are contrary to all men” (1 Thessalonians 2:15). Ultimately, behind all of the propaganda against Left-wing politicians and center-Left establishment media, there is a desire for rebellion. It is the worst form of rebellion, a rebellion that masquerades itself with tradition. It is the rebellion that talks about ‘law and order’ as it crucifies Justice on a cross. It is a rebellion veneered with tradition. This rebellion looks like a lamb but speaks like dragon, and one can see this in the vitriol and ugly rhetoric against the stranger who migrates to another land. This is the rebellion that claims to be for the cross but proclaims another Jesus (2 Corinthians 11:4), holding up pagan images (like Thor’s Hammer), all in the name of protecting the nation. Beware the hysteria of the mob, beware the frenzy of those who said, “Crucify Him!”