Trump Competes With Biden, Declares That Now He Will Help America Cure Childhood Cancer And Stop The AIDS Epidemic

Joe Biden famously declared that if elected president, he would cure cancer and AIDS. President Trump recently made a similar statement during a campaign rally in Wisconsin, where he said that if re-elected, he would continue to help ‘make America great’ by supporting scientific ventures to cure childhood cancer and the AIDS epidemic in less than ten years.

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Stop and think about this statement- “cure childhood cancer” and “end the AIDS epidemic.”

Does anybody take Joe Biden seriously when he says this? Certainly some people do, but they are fools, especially as he says this in the context of a political campaign where he is trying to gather public support for him.

Likewise, is a person any less of a fool to think that Trump, if he makes a similar statement? The issue is not one of party but of principle.

It would be great if childhood cancer is cured, or if the AIDS epidemic is brought to an end. However, there are many kinds of ‘childhood cancers’, and so stopping all of them is a pipe dream. The AIDS issue is directly connected to the sodomite issue, because the largest vector of HIV are sodomites due to their behavior. Since Trump has pledged to support the LGBT, and given that the LGBT define themselves by sodomite behavior, Trump is again claiming to want to solve a problem when in reality he is perpetuating the conditions that cause it to exist.

If one wants to see what Trump is going to do, one can look at how Trump responded to the issue of “bump stocks”. Far from being a “defender of the Second Amendment”, Trump put a federal ban on bump stocks. To compare, Obama, the man who people said was going to ‘take away’ guns, allowed for the Federal Firearms Ban of 1994 to lapse, allowing for all kinds of new weapons rights to be restored.

Who supported the Second Amendment more? Obama and his anti-gun rhetoric but who permitted more gun rights, or Trump who spoke about gun rights but put federal bans in on certain things?

This is what is going to happen with the next election. People are going to vote for Trump because Americans, having a notorious short and selective memory, are going to support Trump for either their devotion to the cult of Trump, or because the Democrat candidates are so pathetic and feckless that they see no other ‘reasonable’ option than to support him.

What I say is that in this case, what side is worthy of support? Trump’s actions for the last four years evidence what he is going to do, so who else can expect anything less than another repeat of the reality television show of the last four years? Likewise, if a Democrat is elected, not only are the intentions of the Democrat party clearer, but given the Republican agreement with so many Democrat positions, there would be veritably no different in what the Republicans would have done save for being more obvious and less descreet.

There are no surprises with this election because one has seen this before. Trump started out as a unique candidate due to his lack of previous political participation. He was given a chance, and he has shown himself to be one like many other politicians, to say what he needs to say, and then do whatever he wants to or rather, whatever he is directed to do.

Why should anybody believe him, or any of the Democrat candidates, at this point, when one will get the same thing no matter what happens?

If one watches Trump’s actions, it seems almost as though he is an actor acting on stage. This is essentially what his career has been, for Trump is not a successful sales man (one only needs to look at Trump Water, Trump Steaks, and Trump University) save for marketing an image of luxury that comes often times by way of potentially fraudulent dealings. His presidential campaign has shown itself to be as such, with an actor playing a role that fills a psychological need for the public but without satisfying one’s real needs. If such is what pornography does for the bases impulses of a person, then the 2020 election is simply “political porn”, filling the psychological needs for somebody who cares about the good of the common man without actually giving care and allowing the status quo to remain as it is.

If things continue as they are, 2020 will be a Trump win, but that will likely be followed by a Democrat 2024 victory similar to what happened during the Obama years. If this happens, one should beware of a new “Trump” like candidate, but with a Democrat feel and like fervor.

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