Report Declares That Major Church Of England Bishop And Pedophile Was Shielded By The Royal Family

The British Royal Family is filled with secrets about their lives and their past. Many of the things are not good and have connections to sexual abuse involving children. They made international headlines recently with Prince Andrew being exposed as having close ties to the American Jewish pedophile and child sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein and his notorious “pedophile island”, and have been shown to have tied in the past, such as with connections between them and Jimmy Savile, who was one of the most notorious child sexual abusers in the nation.

Now it has come out that a major bishop in the Church of England who was also a notorious pedophile was shielded by Prince Charles according to reports.

The disgraced paedophile bishop Peter Ball made himself apparently “impregnable” by cultivating friendships with Prince Charles and other senior establishment figures who later rushed to support him when he was accused of sexual abuse, according to a BBC documentary.

Ball, the former bishop of both Lewes and Gloucester who died last year, boasted of his role as “counsellor to royalty”, Cliff James, one of his victims, says in the programme. He cultivated friendships with Margaret Thatcher, peers of the realm, senior judges and headmasters of leading public schools.

The former bishop was investigated by police in the early 1990s, which resulted in a police caution. In 2015, he was convicted of sexual offences against 17 teenagers and young men and jailed for 32 months. He was released in February 2017 after serving half his sentence. (source)

In the Bible, it speaks of sin of Israelites who would follow in the examples of the Canaanite neighbors and sacrifice children to various pagan gods, which are referred to as “Baal” or sometimes Moloch. The former refers to any number of dieties, and the latter refers to a specific one that seems to be portrayed as either a bull or cow and will sometimes have an alternative form of something like an owl. The “golden calf” in the Book of Exodus is likely a representation of this. These were also tied to rituals for power, that by murdering the innocent, just as Christ was an innocent lamb, a person or a people could gain prominence over those around or who he or the group wanted to subjugate.

The principle continues today, where just as Christ is the True Sacrifice in the eucharist, so also are many participating in the willful abuse and murder of the innocent as a part of attempting to get worldly power. This seems to be the unspoken connection between the sexual abuse of children and those in power, for while power is not in itself a bad thing, it comes and goes, passing from one person to the next. It is not bad to have power, but the issue is if one attempts to hold onto power by making unnatural actions to see to this. Thus, some would abuse or even murder the innocent not just out of lust, but out of power.

This is where the sexual abuse of minors, especially by persons in power, is such a serious issue. Lust is a problem and accounts for most of the actions, but there is the other part, the one of a Biblical nature, that is much smaller but incredibly serious.

Thus many questions are raised by this protection of the bishop by Prince Charles. Was there an overlap between the two, in that both were involved in sexual abuse for gratification, power, or both, and they became acquainted closely through their interactions? Was it money? Was there something else involved? Perhaps is was just knowledge of each other concerning child sexual abuse, for it is said that those who hurt children are like a ‘fraternity’ in that they cannot admit their crimes without taking the others who know down with them?

We do not know for sure. What we do know is that the Royal Family has many direct and circumstantial ties to child sexual abusers or abuse itself that merit a serious investigation. That this bishop seems to have been ‘protected’ by the Royal Family is certainly in light of these things not an unreasonable claim. One can only wonder what other information and persons may be tied to this relationship.

In the Catholic Church, there is a known problem with sexual abuse, mostly at the hands of homosexuals. History also shows that among ecclesiastical abusers, there is a connection to power. That said, the good thing about the Church is not only that such things are exposed so that they can be cleansed, but that Christ Himself has personally guaranteed the security of the Church, that while she might be severely injured by the gates of Hell, she will not be overcome by them.

This promise was not extended to other Churches.

The Church of England is already in serious decline, and if major scandals in here were to come out, what few people are left in her ranks may leave and bring about an end to the five-century-long reign of the English revolution, which did not “free” England from “Rome”, but brought her under the yoke of a different master, which eventually destroyed her and her own nation in the name of national pride. The same can be said about Germany, the Low Countries, the Nordic Countries, and later on, the French Revolution.

The Church, while still beat up, meanwhile has expanded throughout the world. She is still here, and will be here until Christ comes to take her to Himself, just as Scripture promised.

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