Anti-Immigrant Sodomite Renaud Camus Jailed And Fined For Incendiary 2017 Speech

The anti-immigrant sodomite and author of Camp of the Saints Renaud Camus was jailed and fined for an incendiary 2017 speech in which he criticized migration and spoke of the future of Europe.

fter being convicted of inciting racial hatred in 2014, the founder of the Parti de l’In-nocence , author of the “Grand Replacement” ( Le Grand Remplacement ), that is, the colonization of France (and more generally of Europe) by Islamic migrants, as reported by La Verità, he was again sentenced to two months in prison on parole and to compensate with 1,800 euros each of the two anti-racist associations constituted civil parties, Sos Racisme and Licra.

The judges contested him with the crime of “public incitement to hatred or violence by reason of origin, ethnicity, nation, race or religion through words, writings, images or public media by electronic means ” .

The magistrates of the court of Auch contested the French intellectual with a speech delivered on 9 November 2017 in Colombey-les-deux Eglises, for the Conseil national de la résistance européenne, which Camus himself shared on social networks. ” Immigration has become an invasion – said Camus in the speech indicted by the judges – The irreversible colonization is the demographic colonization, through the replacement of the population”. And again: ” Ethnic replacement, the Great replacement, have been the most important event in the history of our country since it existed, since with other people the history, if it continues, will no longer be that of France”There are no French jihadists, he stressed, and” if they are jihadists they are not French . “What we need, he later explained,” is the gathering of all those who oppose Islamization and African conquest. What is needed is a National Council of Resistance, of European Resistance, because all European nations are invited to lead the struggle for the salvation of our common, Celtic, Slavic, Germanic, Greek-Latin, Judeo-Christian civilization by our side. “. (source)

For those interested, one can read the entire piece that put him into the current situation here.

There are some people who support lots of immigration, and those who oppose it. While opposing immigration does not absolutely make one so, the fact is that the eugenics movement of the 19th century, after being suppressed, did not die out, but mutated and took refuge within the anti-immigration movements. Indeed, there has always been an overlap between these two groups so much that it is a “crossing point” from one to the other.

Camus is well-known for his “great replacement” theory, which is that European people are being ‘replaced’ by Muslims and Africans, largely because they are not having children. This theory, in so far as the above-mentioned thesis is concerned, is absolutely correct, but it is not the fault of the Africans or Muslims, and certainly Camus has not helped because of his openly sodomite behavior. Europe’s decline is entirely self-inflicted by choosing to live a hedonistic life instead of a natural, healthy, and fertile one as the Bible speaks of and as I have constantly written about. The command in the Bible to “be fertile and multiply” is from God, and the fact is that Europeans do not want to do this, but the Arabs and Africans want to, and who is to say that the Europeans are ‘superior’ to them when it is they who are striving, imperfect as it may be, to do God’s will?

In his 2017 speech, Camus said

What we need today is not a new party, not even a union of the rights: the rejection of replacement totalitarianism is no less from the left than from the right. What we need is the gathering of all those who oppose Islamization and the African conquest. What is needed is a National Council of Resistance, of European resistance, because all the European nations are invited to lead alongside us the fight for the salvation of our common civilization, Celtic, Slavic, Germanic, Greco- Latin, Judeo-Christian and free-thinking.

For Camus, the solution is political to the problems facing Europe, when the answer is not so at all.

For many years- even before I realized the insidious nature of the counter-jihad movement, I had always believed that the only long-term effective way to stop the rise of Islam was by the Catholic Faith. Christianity created Europe, and as Christianity has left, Europe is dying and has been for a long time. The true Faith is what matters because God is the father of all peoples, and as God desires not the death of the sinner but his conversion and salvation, the Muslim population transfers into Europe- as they are not invasions, but paid for by governments with people coming who are seeking to help themselves help their families in their home nations -are both logically seen as a punishment and a blessing from God, as they represent the mercy of God to help these people or the justice of God by Europe being replaced by them if the European people continue to embrace sins which call down the anger of God onto the human race.

My position on migration is clear, and that while there are truly issues involving law that need to be considered, the fact is that immigration is not the biggest problem the West faces. What the West faces is a crisis of faith that sodomites like Renaud Camus and acolytes of him and those like him support, including but not limited to men such as Robert Spencer, Pamela Geller, Douglas Murray, and major political parties in Europe and their supporters in finance and industry.

Migration has always been a fixture of human history. Peoples move around. The problem that Europe faces is one of morality that manifests itself now in the political. She believes in nothing but herself and seeing nothing more to live for, is preparing to engage in a potentially suicidal war with other European nations in the future.

Europe does not need “migrants” to destroy her. Twice already she has destroyed herself in the last century, and many times before that she has as well. “Migrants” are political pawns used by those in power for far more nefarious purposes, and they also suffer too.

Camus’ ideas, while attractive in that he points out many true things, also contain many falsehoods, the greatest of which is that a political solution apart from a moral one by a return to God, repentance, and a revival of basic moral principles in society, such as laws that oppose the sodomite agenda, is going to ‘save Europe’. Politics in Europe without morality almost always leads to some form of pagan nationalism, which is what one sees happening today. This is not a solution, unless one wants death as the answer to one’s problems.

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