Lev Parnas: ‘Trump’s Inner Circle Is Like A Cult’

By Theodore Shoebat

Lev Parnas, the Ukrainian businessman who was to Rudy Giuliani and who allegedly was involved in trying to coerce the Ukrainian government to investigate Hunter Biden, has described Trump’s inner circle as a cult. As we read in a report from Vice:

To hear Lev Parnas tell it, President Trump’s inner circle feels like “a cult,” one that Parnas only quit after a fiery breakdown in a jailhouse visiting room following his arrest in October.

Now, the ex-associate of Trump’s attorney Rudy Giuliani claims he’s telling the story of all the things he did as a citizen of Trumpworld, including the unsavory parts, and the things he now regrets. And, especially, how he pressured the government of Ukraine, the country where he was born, to deliver political favors for Trump.

Parnas, a businessman now facing criminal charges for allegedly funneling illegal foreign donations to GOP political campaigns, revealed more details of his journey through Trump’s orbit in a second installment of his interview with MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow on Thursday night, including his angry showdown with Trump’s former lawyer John Dowd while in jail.

And he revealed just how far he’s come: From a former Trump super-fan, to a man now clamoring to become a key fact witness against Trump in the Senate impeachment trial, which officially got underway yesterday.

Parnas now tells CNN he had so much MAGA paraphernalia in his home that his wife was embarrassed when FBI agents, under the aegis of Trump’s Department of Justice, arrived to search the place last fall.

Now, he’s alleging that Trump’s top aides were “in the loop” about a grand scheme to press Ukraine to announce an investigation of Trump’s potential Democratic 2020 rival, former vice president Joe Biden, to help Trump get reelected this fall.