91-Year-Old Woman Begs On Video To Stay Alive As Hospital Uses Court Order To Execute Her In Silence

A video of a ninety-one year old woman taken by her son begging for her to live has gone viral after the hospital where she was receiving care, by means of a secrecy-shrouded court order, removed her life support so that she would die according to recent reports:

Arline Lester, the 91-year-old woman from Long Island whose son recorded a video of her pleading for her life, died yesterday after being removed from her ventilator and feeding tube.

The killing of Arline Lester was shrouded in secrecy after judge Julianne Capetola allegedly issued a secret gag order forbidding the parties, attorneys or witnesses from communicating any details of the case.

The gag order, which was never made public, was reported to have been issued out of concern for the privacy rights of Arline Lester, but sources close to the family tell LifeSiteNews that the gag order was simply a way to cover up the inevitable killing of a woman against her express wish to live. Attempts, including in-person visits to the court of Judge Capetola by the Personhood Alliance to obtain the gag order in order to verify its existence, content, and scope were unsuccessful.

LifeSiteNews can also confirm that the secret gag order was used to threaten pro-life organizations such as LifeSiteNews and the Personhood Alliance who had re-posted the video recorded by Ed Lester and first published by local NY media outlets. Neither the NY Post nor the Personhood Alliance took down the distressing video, not having been able to confirm the existence or scope of the alleged gag order. Parties, witnesses and attorneys related to the case that were contacted refused to comment for fear of the secret gag order.

Family sources, who refused to give any details of the court proceedings and who requested anonymity for fear of being held in contempt of court, told LifeSiteNews that Arline Lester died yesterday after having her respirator removed while being put on aggressive “palliative sedation,” a term that refers to aggressive pain medication that inevitably leads to the death of the patient.

The case of Arlene Lester is especially alarming at a time when NY’s Democrat control legislature is considering openly legalizing assisted suicide. Many pro-lifers worry that if the courts are willing to enforce an old “living will” against the express wishes of an elderly woman who was conscious enough to orally communicate them, then what guarantee will there be that people who change their mind at the last moment about assisted suicide will have their right to life respected and protected? (source)

The video is disturbing, because it shows a reality that takes place daily in the modern American concentration camps and death centers for the elderly, known as nursing homes and a lot of hospice care facilities.

This is not to say that such facilities are not necessary or serve good roles. However, the fact is that most elderly people need to be cared for by their families and loved ones, not by corporations whose primary purpose is maximizing profits and minimizing losses. Elderly people are valuable in so far as they are able to generate income for the business, and if they do not make enough money, then from a business perspective, “getting rid” of them is the best option, and because elderly people die as that is what happens at their age, then many people are all too ready and willing to assist them with their demise.

Euthanasia is thus something that serve a philosophical end of advancing darwinism as well as the American darwinistic model of business, where as long as the practice is called “legal”, it is permissible, and it does not matter if it is separate in part or wholly from morality. To legalize euthanasia with a doctor’s permission is thus for a hospital or nursing home or hospice company a way to help “pass on” those “customers” which are deemed to be “less profitable” so that they can get new ones in, for there is always a steady amount of people who are dying and this number is going to increase with the Boomer generation as they naturally being their passage into the annals of American history.

Euthanasia is wrong because it is nothing more than a form of abortion but for the elderly. Instead of murdering the unborn, it is murdering those near the ends of their lives. It assumes a purely utilitarian mindset that is seen in the majority of corporations in the US and certainly almost all major corporations, especially around Christmastime, when their “Christmas gift” to many employees is a pink slip in the mail followed by not even a minute’s notice before the same company, where some have worked for many years, forces their employees out without so much as a thanks.

One story comes to mind of a person who faithfully served a major insurance corporation for forty years. A man who defined himself by his occupation, he loved everything about where he worked. Then one day, as an older man, he went to his desk and there was a security guard. He was told that he had been laid off, and he had an hour to clean out his desk of at least the last two decades in the presence of other employees watching and the guard, and he was escorted out and dropped at the door. The shock never left him and he carried sadness about this until the day of this death some years ago.

There are many stories like this in corporate America, but the corporate philosophy is just a reflection of the same darwinism as abortion and euthanasia, but in a different context. In the US, it has become accepted that a man in society is, spoken or not, as useful as he is considered to be ‘productive’, and once one is no longer ‘productive’, then one can be disposed of like a piece of trash.

People love to complain about what the National Socialists of Germany did and about those who perished. However, it is a long-confirmed fact that Germany modeled her eugenics program on Anglo-American ideas about eugenics, and just did what Germans and Japanese do best, which is to perfect and make more efficient the same ideas. After World War II, America took the German innovations to her ideas and re-contextualized them to American society in a process that has continued since and expanded to different areas of society.

It is arguable that the US in this way is worse than the National Socialists, for while what the National Socialists did was horrible, it was confined to a particular historical period, and done in a certain context. This does NOT legitimize their actions, but it places into context what they did versus the situation with the US, where modern ideas concerning the philosophy and application of eugenics were created, innovated, and later re-applied after experimentation with another nation (Germany). It is know that more people in the US have died from eugenics-rooted policies than in all of World War II, let alone the German death camps. The difference is that people will call Germany “evil” for seeing photos of dead bodies years ago, but when one wants to murder the unborn, elderly, or destroy a man’s livelihood in the name of profit and ‘efficiency’, they say “this is a good thing because this is America and people have freedom of choices, do you hate America”?

This woman is not an isolated case. As the presence of Christianity wanes and paganism returns, one should expect to see more deviant things such as this return to the public as acceptable and good, and those who oppose them to be attacked.

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