Parents Throw A “Gayceanera” To Celebrate Their Son Embracing The Ways Of Sodom

For many in Hispanic culture, the “quniceanera” is the equivalent of the Anglo “sweet sixteen”, where a party is held to announce the coming-of-age of a young woman and her passage into adulthood. However, one couple in Maryland decided to celebrate their son going in the ways of Sodom and Gomorrah by having a “gayceanera”.

As tensions escalate over Iran and Australia burns, a cozy Italian restaurant in Maryland, US, was decorated with rainbow cakes and balloons. A refuge from the outside world.

When Heidi Irene and Terry Trammell’s son, Aiden, came out as gay, they knew they had to do something to help him feel welcomed and loved.

So, the family decided to throw a ‘gayceañera’ on his 15th birthday on January 5.

“When Aiden officially came out to me, I started looking up ideas on how to be a parent-support ally,” Heidi explained to PinkNews.

“Needless to say, I didn’t find a lot of information or ideas.

“Some articles and blogs that I did read, however, talked about the theme of gay people having to come out over and over again, and that straight people never have to come out.

“I thought to myself, I suppose that’s why people have coming out parties, so they can do it all at once and not have to come out as often.”

Heidi realised that her son’s two milestones could be jointly embraced. Widely celebrated among the Latinx communities, the quinceañera marks an important milestone in a girl’s life.

Part birthday party, part rite of passage, the celebration typically marks a girl’s entrance into womanhood.

But for Aiden, the rainbow remix of the tradition marked his entrance into being his authentic self, a gay man.

Donned in a vibrant rainbow suit, Aiden’s family and friends packed the Sunset Restaurant and Lounge in the Glen Burnie neighbourhood.

As gymnasts danced around the carpeted floors, twirling rainbow ribbons, chefs in the back kitchen cracked more than 50 eggs and countless food-dye bottles to bake Pride flag-themed cakes.

Rainbow tablecloths and Pride-printed cocktail napkins adorned the rooms with multi-coloured cocktails and paper straws dotting the tables. (source)

What does it mean to embrace the sodomite lifestyle?

You can read our analyses of it in the Shoebat archives, but I can discuss a few points.

The most important thing to remember is that at Sacred Scripture makes explicitly clear in no uncertain language, the sin of Sodom is one that cries out to Heaven for vengeance. This is the most critical point, because while all men are affected by sin, this is one of the worst sins a person can do, and this has been articulated by the Church throughout her history. What does it mean when a man defines oneself by his sins, and is proud of them, and that such a sin is one of the worst sins that can be committed, other than a sign of horrendous immorality? This is the main issue and must always be remembered, because sin leads to death, and if even small sin causes death, what about a sin like this?

Disease is the next issue, because sodomites are vectors for illness. This is not an opinion, but a medical fact, for if exposure to fecal matter even in small ways can make a man sick, what is one to think about people who define themselves by, no exaggeration, masturbating with other people’s excrement and then eating it, or attempting to give people incurable diseases out of perversion? It is bad enough that sodomites masturbate into each others anuses, but they regularly shove their fists up to their entire forearms into their or other people’s rectums (fisting), masturbate into medical wounds, and place their mouths into each others rectums and consume the excrement that comes out. They also are known to intentionally spread HIV, Herpes, HPV, Hepatitis, and other horrendous illnesses. It has been medically noted that the emergence of drug-resistant gonorrhea has been tied to the sodomite abuse of antibiotics. Not only that, but they have also resulted in the spread of other diseases such as cholera because of their consumption of raw human sewage matter.

People may laugh at the above video, but it is not a joke. These practices are commonplace to the Sodomite agenda.

Is this something that one wants to embrace for one’s children?

That is what these parents clearly intend to do.

I speak about such graphic detail because this is what people need to understand is the reality of sodom. It is not a kind reality, and while it sounds cruel to some, this is what happens.

It is the same with abortion. The term “infanticide” or “child murderers” is much more fitting because that is what is happening. Reality should not be covered up because it is uncomfortable since people want to take the fruits of what this offers- a denial of responsibility -but then refuse to see the consequences of their actions. It is similar to the scene in Lord of War when President Andre Baptiste is torturing rival arms dealers Simeon Weisz (Ian Holm) and Yuri Orlov, the protagonist, is asked by Baptiste to kill Weisz. Orlov, played by Nicholas Cage, does not want to, but in the end is compelled to, and Baptiste remarks that people like him do not mind setting up the systems for death but do not want to address the consequences of their actions.

This is how the sodomite issue must be treated. People need to see it in the totality of one’s actions.

As far as these parents, these people are doing a grave moral evil for their family. How can one look at the end of one’s life an justify promoting such actions, especially if one believes in truth? Such things are truly abuse, as such men facilitate the evils of society today.

Finally, let one not forget that what one is seeing here is a potential child molester, because based on statistics, there is a disproportionate amount of sexual abuse committed against and committed by sodomites. These parents are setting this person up to be sexually assaulted as well as to become an assaulter, contract incurable diseases, and potentially receive serious punishment from God after his death. What makes this worse is that society as a whole accepts much of this behavior and will not only defend it, but will openly attack those who try to stand against it, calling such people the problem and promoting more of the evils of sodom as the answer.

This is one reason, and a significant one, why there are so many problems of such a severe nature today, for they begin from situations such as this exact one.

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