America Prepares For The Largest Military Exercises In Europe So Far While People ‘Drop Like Flies’ In China, And Trump Promises To Cut Social Programs For The Poor

Virginians may have protested and their state motto say “Sic Semper Tirannis”, but the government was quick to act in a tyrannical way and ignore the massive protests that took place a few days ago, moving forward to the contrary with passing the notorious “red flag” bill through the state Senate, which will make it easier for people to have their firearms indefinately confiscated and with less explanation than the current process, signaling the continued erosion of the state of the Second Amendment. (source)

Details about the coronavirus that has come out of China continue to raise more questions about her origins than answer. In 2017, the province where the epidemic started Wuhan, was the center chosen for and still hosts one of the most dangerous biological research facilities on earth. (source) In spite of this fact, and while the origins have yet to be formally confirmed, scientists have been warning that the consumption of bats and certain kinds of snakes may be linked to the illness. The Chinese government has already sealed off Wuhan province and all 11 million people, including foreigners, are trapped in it, and Twitter reports are saying that people are “dropping like flies” due to the illness and ‘hospitals are flooded‘ with the sick, but we are waiting for more from official reports.

At the recent DAVOS meeting in Switzerland, in spite of a booming and expanding military budget, President Trump has said that he will respond to the growing expenses of government, three trillion of which under his term alone he has increased the national deficit, by cutting Medicare and Social Security programs, and possibly Medicaid as well. Given the increasing poverty in the US, it will be interesting to see how people respond to this statement, or if they even care at all, considering most people are becoming poorer with each year.

Bolivia is one of the few nations in the world that does not have significant diplomatic relations with the US, placing her in a category with countries such as Cuba, Iran, and North Korea. However, the landlocked and geopolitically significant South American nation will see some changes coming to her after twelve years of being without an ambassador as Trump appointed the first one to go to that nation recently. It will be of note to watch what developments come in that country, at a time as nationalism is rising in Brazil and talk of further US actions prepares as Russia continues to do the same within her sphere.

In crime news, a Florida man was arrested for murdering his boss and draping an American flag on his corpse for being a “Trump supporter”, an American mother smothered two of her children to death while singing to them, and a grandmother was caught at the San Diego border with two hundred pounds of methamphetamine. Across the Atlantic in Ireland, a seventeen-year-old was tortured to death in a savage gang attack before being decapitated, his body chopped up, and scattered around his town. Likewise in Mexico, while children are celebrating their birthday parties with drug executioner themes, cartels are beheading people by the dozen and hanging their bodies from bridges as well as engaging in extortion rackets that have put thousands of businessmen out of business permanently.

While there is a lot of depression, confusion, and a seeming lack of direction for many in the US, wealthy students in India- equivalent for many to the upper-middle classes of the US –have been going to Ukraine to study medicine, as they claim that the quality of education is higher than in India and even major countries such as China, that the Tuition per year only amounts to a few thousand dollars, and that it helps them to find a job when the return to India or go to Western nations.

For those who hoped that with all the news of a virus and various talks in Ukraine and Libya there might be peace, the US military does not agree, as she is preparing to hold the largest military exercises yet in Europe called “defender Europe 20”. Given the name of these exercises and the Gladio program, which wanted to operate as a “stay behind” operation in the event of a Soviet invasion, one cannot help but wonder if these are connected in the anticipation- and some might even say hope -of a Russian invasion. Indeed, the US while not saying it, would seem to prefer this than to a renewed Molotov-Ribbentrop back that with the help of the eighth (Turkey) and fifth (France) most powerful militaries in the world alongside the ninth (Germany) and second (Russia) could lead to the creation of a united European military that would force the US to sit out of a global conflict.

The normalization of sexually abusing pre-pubescent children, also known as pedophilia, took another step toward publicly being admitted to society as NetFlix has created a show that depicts a child of ten years of age as a drag queen and also is described as a “top”, meaning one who sodomizes as opposed to one who is sodomized in the language of the sodomite underworld.

American Evangelical Protestants and other Christians are currently excited that Trump is going to be the first president to address the March for Life. This is the same president that one should note has said before that he supports the sodomite agenda, has claimed to be a Christian but shows no proof of any practice or even basic knowledge as to what Christianity is, and throughout the rest of his public life has openly committed affronts to Christian morality and instead of apologizing or attempting in some public way to make a peace with his actions has instead persisted in his immorality by defending it and doing more of the same.

In the financial sector, as there is concern over a housing bubble as well as student loan and debt bubble, savings rates have crashed drastically, with approximately 40% of all households being unable to pay for a $1,000 emergency if they needed to without having to go into debt according to reports.

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