“White Nationalist” Group That Threatened Violence At Second Amendment Rally Linked To Intelligence Operations, Robotics Companies Move To Take Jobs From Human Workers, And Merkel’s Statement On Libya Portends Another Refugee Crisis

It is said that at least one-quarter of all jobs, and possibly as high as one half are at grave risk in the next ten years of being “automated” that is, to see the replacement of humans with robots as a part of the long-term trend for the abolition of the role of people in the name of profit and thus potentially creating a serious employment crisis for the future. It is of interest then how an Israeli robotics company has paired up with the Japanese car company Honda to produce AI-controlled robots that will be rented out by the hour just like a temporary employee from an agency. The robots are built to perform tasks such as using a forklift and visual inspection and they can be “hired” on either a per-hour or task ratio. (source).

The Internet is a very disturbing place, as it provides a brutal look into some of the goriest aspects of human life. Too much exposure to material such as this cannot be good for anybody, and can even be linked to mental illnesses or conditions such as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. While some people have denied this claim in the past, Accenture the company that YouTube contracts with for content moderation, in what many believe to be an attempt at a legal defense and preparation for possible lawsuits, is making content moderators now sign forms saying “It is possible that reviewing such content may impact my mental health, and it could even lead to Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). I will take full advantage of the weCare program and seek additional mental health services if needed. I will tell my supervisor/or my HR People Adviser if I believe that the work is negatively affecting my mental health.” The statement is making some attorneys uneasy, because they say that while compelling an employee to admit his mental health status on the job is illegal, there is also a concern that the company will use a claim of possible mental health issue to fire an employee without getting him help. (source)

For years there were photos and videos from Africa that circulated showing child soldiers fighting in wars are being maimed or killed. However, while many in the US are focused on what is across the ocean, this phenomenon has spread to the US-bordering nation of Mexico, where child soldiers are now being placed into citizen armies, being given weapons, and made to help in the fight against the drug cartels as they continue to terrorize the nation. (source)

America’s “fifty-first” state is what some people call Puerto Rico, and the name is fitting as the island has all of the benefits of US statehood but sans the taxes and voting rights, the former of which nobody can blame them for not wanting and the latter of which are a joke no matter what state one is in. Puerto Rico has been in a state of unofficial chaos since October 2017 following Hurricane Maria that was the worst in the island’s history, ripping her to shreds killing three thousand and causing ninety-billion dollars in damage. Many Puerto Ricans, who are legitimately angry at the corruption of local officials especially in the distribution of help and rebuilding the island, flew into a rage and gathered into a mob and tossed guillotine through the governor’s mansion after a warehouse of medical and food supplies dating back to and before the hurricane was discovered. (source)

We have reported that (most-likely American trained Gladio-type operative) soldiers from Turkey have been pouring into Libya in the anticipation of another major humanitarian and social crisis. This point has been noted by Merkel, who has also stated the potential for another refugee crisis into Europe a-la that of 2016. Given how Shoebat.com uncovered and reported and continues to report on how the migration crisis was created to seemingly drive nationalism, we are watching with anticipation this coming crisis, since another wave of migration could seriously crash the German economy and bring about a second-level of nationalistic sentiments in the nation. (source)

Americans use credit cards a lot, and that is not just because the people love spending, but because they are flat out broke. A recent statement by Discover, the credit card company suggests eroding profits and some of the most notable drops in quarterly earning, which has some people wondering about the state of the economy, especially with stocks at all-time highs and constant liquidity injections from the central bank. In short, the US customer seems to be unable to spend money or take on more debt, and as this spreads to more people, it will likely blossom into one of several factors contributing to another financial crisis a-la that of 2007. (source)

The Church of England has a notorious history for promoting sodomy and all kinds of disordered forms of sexuality. But in a recent statement, the church has made a curiously refreshing statement, saying that sexuality is something that is reserved for men and women in a committed, married relationship. (source)

The so-called “white nationalist” movement since its inception in the US has almost always been associated with government psychological and social operations. This has been proven consistently with the disturbing association of “white nationalists” promoting violence an terrorism who later turn out to be agents or on government agency payrolls. Another incident of this may have been just exposed as the leader of “the Base”, a supposed “white nationalist” terror group that was plotting violence at the recent Second Amendment rally in Virginia, was caught overlapping with names associated with CIA personnel, leading an investigation by the UK Guardian to suspect that the entire “group” was a government honeypot all along meant to entrap people. (source)

The Ottoman menace has made clear that she wants to revive her imperial past, but also has been availing herself of her geopolitical position by courting the interests of both Russia and the US. Such came recently as Turkey announced she has been studying the “compatability” of the US F-35 and Russian S-400 in preparation for upgrading her air defense systems (source)

The biggest story of the day is the continuing saga with the virus in China, which many are saying has reached the point of an epidemic and is going to get worse. News about the virus is difficult to confirm because some posts online appear to be either from anti-communist and Hong Kong tied activists exaggerating information about the virus and its deaths to government sources who have been shutting down and denying the severity. So far while most of the victims have been the elderly and especially, elderly who smoke (source), over 42 million people, or just over three percent of China’s population, has been quarantined in various cities. Reports indicate that right now everything in many parts of China (schools, concerts, Disney, zoos, theaters, etc) has been closed, postponed, or delayed, Hong Kong has cancelled major events, flights have been restricted, tourist attractions closed, and the celebration for the Chinese Lunar New Year delayed or cancelled.

A second case has been confirmed in the US with sixty-three people under quarantine on the suspicion of being infected. (source)

Since not a lot is known about the virus but there seems to be a potential tie to an escaped biological warfare agent from a nearby laboratory, it is yet to be seen what the consequences will be. However, given how China has an significant elderly population that continues to increase due to the refusal of the Chinese to have families owing to a half-century long emphasis on sterilization by way of the notorious “one-child policy”, a lot of people- mostly older ones -could be significantly impacted by the virus. New developments will be announced as they come.

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