Christians Unite With Muslims In Protests Of Hindu Racial Terrorists, The US Tries To Hide The Injuries Of US Soldiers Hurt In The Recent Iran Debacle, And China Struggles With The Flu Pandemic That Has Gripped Her Nation

“Soy face” is what some people on the right call men who associate with left-wing politics and drink a lot of soy milk. However, American farmers are practically being left with “soy face” out of surprise due to the fact that soy trade with China, who depends on US imports, is collapsing due to the spread of the coronavirus. Not to worry though, as the temporarily decreased demand only drives down prices for market speculators, making those seeking to lock down some long-term contracts for soy products potentially even more profitable. The American farmer experiences a temporary lapse in work (and may have to pick up a part time job in the meantime) to make ends meet, but it is sure better than living in a Huxleyanesque society where a potential bioweapon is spreading. (source)

The Trump impeachment reality TV show continues as Trump heads on his likely win to the White House because aside from the fact that he still has a lot of people who support him, what Democrat candidate is there who is seriously oppose him? As such, one article from the Hill noted that neither Democrats nor Republicans really are showing any drive to try to “win” the impeachment contest, and that is likely because, as we have known before, both sides work with each other because the political show is a distraction from the reality of business deals and philosophical ideals about eugenics that are supported by those who fund the politicians and thus control them, for a man is as free as the person who controls his financial assets. (source)

Rent, daycare, insurance, education, healthcare, an many other expenses have taken a progressively greater share of income than they have in the past. As costs of living and assets have risen far faster than incomes, this has lead to among other things, fewer and later marriages, which has produced fewer and later children, and for many, instilled in them a general unwillingness to reproduce. This phenomenon is repeating itself all around the world as collapsing populations of young adults in the nations that consume over 90% of the worlds exports combined with migration are setting the scene for a potentially major realignment of world politics. As one blogger notes, this link between fertility and “financialization” is very detrimental to and may have sealed the fate of the future of the Western and “developed” world. (source) has been warning about the potential of another African food crisis as the poorly-developed (following the withdrawal of the European powers from the African interior) landscape in spite of considerable fertility and bounty has resulted in weather or other ecological extremes producing environmental shocks that lead to famines or other horrendous things. While water shortages are threatening the southern African regions, now massive locust swarms have devastated crops. (source\)

Some have said the Millennials and Zoomers are a selfish generation who is only interested in their own pursuits. Now there is much to be said about this statement, since it largely ignores that children are the product of their parents for the better or worse, and to that, there is a lot of anger over the state of the economy, work, and the inability of people to have even the semblance of a normal life. It is not surprising then that according to a recent study, not only are Millennials and Zoomers not terribly interested in having families or children, but neither are they significantly making attempts to help the poor and needy. Of course, it would be a lot easier to help the poor and needy if many of them were not poor themselves and barely managing to stay alive as single people, let alone families. (source, source)

Christians across India have united with Muslims and other religious minorities in protest of a recent decision by the Supreme Court of India on citizenship laws that threatens to strip religious rights from Muslims, a move that Christians fear is going to be used by Hindu nationalists to eventually institute Hindu nationalism and racism at the government as well as eventually help to justify a massacre of Christians. (source)

Between the daily news that comes from Israel and the chaos that has defined life in Syria for almost a decade, Lebanon has been seeing her own problems, with straight protests going on for over a hundred days in the nation amid growing threats of violence. (source)

American veterans are furious at Trump after he downplayed the seriousness of injuries done to American soldiers following what appears to be mutually coordinated strikes on each other between the US and Iran. The strikes, which killed no US personnel officially, have said to have left at least 34 with traumatic brain injuries, a claim the Pentagon has fiercely denied, which adds more speculation to the observation that the US and Iran worked together to strike each other to cause a political scene but not an actual war, and as has consistently pointed out, bears a disturbing semblance to the Iran-Contra scandal that elevated Reagan to power in 1980. (source)

Ever since the Flint water scandal in Michigan, the issue of water security has been used by politicians seeking votes but without actually caring about the good will of people. A recent episode of this took place as President Trump has rolled back federal water protections put into action by the Obama administration. Many are concerned that the decision, which he said will help American businesses, will be used to abuse the public good and without the threat of potential legal action. (source)

Finally, the Coronavirus scandal continues to grow. Thousands more are infected, and it is said that a quarter of a million people could be infected by Monday. The virus has spread around China and is going around the world, with cases now being reported in Africa. The University of Minnesota has been putting out statements, and unverified reports are saying that at least one student has been confirmed with the virus. Saudi Arabia is calling home all of her citizens, and the US has been making moves towards doing the same for American citizens. (source, source)

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