First The US, Now The Japanese Are Moving To Create A Militarized “Space Force”

The Japanese are a serious imperial power throughout history. Just like the Americans, Russians, Germans, French, British, and Ottomans, when they do something people need to pay attention. Unlike the Chinese or Indians, whose history is one of being conquered and overrun while talking in a strong voice, it is these nations who do the conquering, and usually with horrible violence.

The US has recently moved to create a “Space Force” for the military. Now the Japanese are also moving to do the same as they prepare to work closer with the Americans according to a report/

For the majority of countries, activities concerning outer space are primarily under the jurisdiction of an air force branch. However, only a few months ago, amidst controversy the U.S. added a Space Force branch to its military.

And now another nation will soon join the ranks of potential space camaraderie: Japan.

Aside from the United States, Japan isn’t the first country to incorporate a new Space Force-esque branch. Russia had its own “Space Force” for a stint in the 90s and 2000s, and France has considered a pan-European, space-focused alliance.

Unfortunately, reading the fine print, the Space Domain Mission Unit does not entail operations such as launching mecha into outer space. Following Japan’s policies of anti-aggression, the new Space Domain Mission Unit will focus on tasks such as handling cyber security, satellite monitoring, and cleaning up space debris. (source)

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