Ex-Girlfriend Of Rapper R. Kelly Says He Would Blackmail Victims With Child Sexual Abuse Videos

It has been alleged before that various individuals in government or society have been blackmailed by way of participation in videos showing child sexual abuse. This is a very difficult thing to prove because the only way to ‘confirm’ such videos exist is to commit a crime by witnessing them. However, this seems to be a pattern that has been consistently alleged, and so should not be crudely dismissed.

Now the possibility of such allegations being true has been given a new boost by a statement from the ex-girlfriend of rapper R. Kelly, who is known to have engaged in sexual exploits with underage girls, where she said that he has blackmailed ‘hundreds’ of underage girls by filming them producing child sexual abuse materials with him.

R. Kelly blackmailed women into silence by making them film child porn videos, his ex-girlfriend has claimed.

Azriel Clary alleges that the singer had ‘hundreds of victims’ but made them take part in ‘incriminating’ and ‘degrading’ videos to stop them coming forward.

Speaking to The Sun, she said many women were too ‘ashamed or embarrassed’ to come forward because of the leverage that Kelly allegedly had over them.

Lawyers for Kelly deny the allegations, and the singer also denies a series of sexual abuse charges. (source)

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