Santa Cruz, California Decriminalizes Magic Mushrooms

For as long as people have been around, they have been taking drugs. “Magic mushrooms”, which are known to grow wild in the US, are one of many illegal drugs. However, with the decriminalization of drugs taking place around the country with drugs such as marijuana, some areas are starting to add more types, such as the city of Santa Cruz in California, which has just legalized magic mushrooms.

A new resolution has been passed in Central California to decriminalize the use of psychedelic mushrooms.

The City Council of Santa Cruz voted unanimously on Tuesday to approve a measure that will make investigation and arrest for “the adult possession, use or cultivation of psychoactive plants and fungi” a low-priority infraction by law enforcement.

“This Council initiative is part of a diversity of strategies taking care of mental health in our community,” Councilmember Chris Krohn told ABC News in a statement. “This resolution ensures that only people 21 and over have access to these plants and the Council has given direction to our Police Department to make it a low priority infraction.”

Krohn also said: “Entheogenic plants offer many in our community a way out of the addictive pharmaceuticals known as opioids. People came forward at last night’s meeting telling of the beneficial effects of how these plants changed their lives.” (source)

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