Will Uganda See An Increase In Sodomite Activity?

The support of sodomite behavior and politics is interlinked on a global scale, and is strongly represented by the unnatural friendship between the US and Israel, for both nations have made it a point to promote all things involving sodomite behavior and this has increased greatly under the Trump administration. While it should not be assumed, there seems to be a curious and consistent nature to the support of the US and Israel increasing among a nation while at the same time, sodomite behavior also rises in the same place.

Uganda was a major target of the US for a long time because of her strong stance against homosexuality. Likewise, while ties between Israel and Uganda as well as the US have existed for a very long time, and there is no mention of homosexuality in recent news in this context, it is of interest that Israel wants Uganda to open an embassy in Jerusalem as well as have direct flights from Israel to Uganda.

Israel’s Benjamin Netanyahu on Monday held talks with Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni and called for the opening of missions in each others’ countries, during a visit aimed at boosting ties.

Netanyahu last visited Uganda in July 2016 to mark the 40th anniversary of a hostage rescue at Entebbe airport, in which his brother Yonatan died.

“There are two things we very much want to achieve… one is direct flights from Israel to Uganda,” Netanyahu told Museveni at a joint press conference.

“And second… you open an embassy in Jerusalem, I’ll open an embassy in Kampala,” he added.

“We are studying that,” Museveni replied.

Traditionally, most diplomatic missions in Israel have been in Tel Aviv as countries maintained a neutral stance over the status of Jerusalem.

But US President Donald Trump shocked the world in December 2017 by recognising Jerusalem as Israel’s capital and shifting the US embassy from Tel-Aviv to that city.

In recent years, Israel has boosted its links with African nations, improving ties following a difficult period when many post-independence African leaders sided with Israel’s Arab rivals, and viewed Israel’s support for apartheid South Africa with intense suspicion. (source)

Given that Uganda is very close to Congo, whose bordering regions with Congo are curiously tied to ISIS-terrorist activities as well as major US geopolitical and technological interests for minerals such as Coltan and other major mining minerals, this is something to pay attention to. But wherever the US and Israel go, since there seems to be a consistent history of promoting the same ideas of sodomite behavior, one cannot help but wonder if one will see an increase in the practice of the sin that “cries out to Heaven for vengeance” in that part of Africa.

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