Thirty-Two Christians Slaughtered By Islamic Terrorists In Nigeria

As the wars in West Africa rage on with Islamic terrorists, driven largely by US geopolitical interests fighting with those of the Russians for securing resource lines in preparation for a major war, innocent people are often caught in the conflict. Thirty-two Christians were recently murdered as part of the fighting with Islamic terrorists in the region, and the numbers are expected to worsen as the fighting is not expected to improve.

There have been increased attacks in Plateau State, Nigeria over the past several weeks. There have been two large attacks that took place on January 26 and 27. These two attacks took places in Kwatas and Marish villages and left a total of at least 32 dead.

The attack on Kwatas, which took place on the 26th, left at least 15 people killed according to online reports. A local source told ICC that the number is actually 21 however. The attack was also confirmed to have been committed by Fulani according to the online reports.

The second attack was in Marish village on the 27th. During this attack nor only were 17 people killed, but a church was also burned down. Despite this, the media and government will continue to say that there is no religious element to the attacks that are happening. (source)

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