The Democrat 2020 Primaries Are A Complete Mess

The Democrat primaries in Iowa are taking place right now, with Buttigieg and Sanders locked in a close race for the lead.

Bernie Sanders and Pete Buttigieg are locked in a close battle for first place in the Iowa caucuses with about a third of the vote still unknown.

But the 38-year-old former mayor is already winning the spin game. With 62 percent of the precincts reporting and some candidates expressing frustration and doubt over delayed results, Buttigieg was all but declaring victory. (source)

However, a lot of people are expressing concerns as Iowa political analysts are saying that their unique status in presidential nominating contests is in danger after ‘technical issues’ befell the Democratic caucuses, resulting in what some have called a ‘disastrous meltdown’.

“It’s hard to see how Iowa keeps this after last night,” David Yepsen, the longtime Iowa political observer who hosts a Sunday public affairs show, said Tuesday. (source)

Some have been laying the problem at the feet of an app that was used, but in my opinion- and strictly my opinion, not rooted in any basis other than patterns of observation from past behavior and that of other nations throughout history in comparable situations or events -this just continues to suggest that the Democrat nomination is being rigged.

Consider what I have said before. A woman ran in 2016 for the Democrats and lost. Right now, it appears that the sodomite Buttigieg is being promoted, but he is highly effeminate and it is very likely he will be crushed by Trump in 2020 should he be nominated. However, I said that the combination of the two- a woman and a sodomite -would be a political option that if balanced and presented well to the US, could result in a major Democrat victory in 2024 assuming a Trump 2020 victory.

The entire situation is questionable with the vote counting process- even Democrats have made this observation that there was a potential for manipulation taking place. When one considers this in the light of the massive strange happenings that have defined the Democrat campaign for 2020, one that could be described as erratic, inconsistent, confused, and disorganized -and yet knowing that the Democrats are highly organized and very capable of putting out electable candidates, one must question if something else is taking place here, and hence, as I noted above, it is not unreasonable to suggest that one may be seeing a “rigging” in process.

The real issue, as with my previous forecast, is not 2020, but 2024, for it would not be a surprise if an “Obama” equivalent emerged as a major political contender.

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