President Trump Chooses To Give The Presidential Medal Of Freedom To Rush Limbaugh

The right-wing radio talk show host and supporting of all things and causes Republican, Rush Limbaugh, has just been chosen by President Trump to receive the Presidential Medal of Freedom.

President Donald Trump told network anchors during a private lunch Tuesday that he will award Rush Limbaugh with the Medal of Freedom, one day after the prominent political radio host announced he has advanced lung cancer.

According to a person familiar with the discussion, Trump informed anchors he will bestow Limbaugh with the Presidential Medal of Freedom in the coming months. Limbaugh has been a staunch ally of the President’s for years, and dined with him at his Palm Beach golf club over the holidays. Once, during an event in the Rose Garden, Trump praised Limbaugh as someone who “can speak for three hours without a phone call.”

Trump wished the conservative radio talk show host a speedy recovery Monday after Limbaugh told his audience he is beginning treatment, which will require him to miss the show some days. (source)

What about ‘the wall’?

What about ‘lock her up’?

What about the national debt, Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Syria, and a bunch of other issues?

It is true that Rush Limbaugh is a major Republican figure, and such an award coming at a time when Limbaugh has been diagnosed with cancer is not necessarily a surprise.

But there are much bigger issues to tackle, and questions that Trump needs to answer to his voter base.

The issue here is one of principle, for while small things are good, there are a lot of serious, big questions that are unanswered, and tossing a metal to a famous loud-mouth conservative with a history of questionable personal activity is, to quote a like from Monty Python, ‘what makes you think you have a right to become king…just because some watery tart threw a sword at you?’

In other words, good for Rush, and while it is notable, there are many more very important issues that need to be focused on, and not distracted by ultimately non-important ones such as this.


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