Is One Truly Unable To Suspect That Nancy Pelosi Tearing Up Trump’s SOTU Speech Was Not An Act?

During the recent State of the Union and the many talking points or incidents that surprised people, one that stood out in particular was Nancy Pelosi tearing up a copy of Trump’s speech.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s shredding of President Trump’s State of the Union speech was ripped right from Trump’s playbook.

It was unprecedented behavior for a speaker, aggressively rude and unapologetically meant to rile up her base. It was divisive, but effective.

The tear seemed to get just as much morning TV attention as the content of Trump’s speech. Conservatives denounced her disrespect. Liberals praised her passion. Both sides were incentivized to heap attention onto the moment. It took the Democrats three years, but they may have finally figured out how to control a news cycle in the Trump era. (source)

Now it is true that the Democrats have engaged in a lot of what is objectively called buffoonery concerning Trump, and political shenanigans bordering on, if not some being, criminal in their nature.

However, the fact is that buffoonery cuts both ways, and I have made no short discussion of Trump’s antics.

Into this context, it should be recalled that both parties- left and right -work to support each other in spite of their talk against each other, as being closed doors they are friends who are funded by all of the exact same funders from finance and industry.

The tearing up of Trump’s speech, even if she truly believes in what she is doing, was too perfect of an action on a national and international platform. It was very attention-grabbing, almost like something that one would see from certain ISIS execution videos that clearly were propagated by the media, in spite of such types of videos existing for years.

There is no absolute proof of this, but something does not seem right. It was just ‘too’ attention grabbing.

It could not come at a more convenient time either, for her actions only serve to further making the Democrat party look foolish and thus, unable to win in 2020.

But as I have noted, a Democrat 2020 loss would almost inevitably mean a Democrat 2024 victory.

Perhaps that tear, while it may have been genuine, was not so ‘accidental’ as many would think that it was, and that things just are not, as many have said, what they seem to be.

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