Chinese Municipal Government Busted Stealing Facemask Shipment From Another Chinese City

China has a massive PR problem right now. The spread of the coronavirus and its veritably proven link to military biological warfare developments is horrible enough. However, the Chinese handling of the situation, in almost classical Chinese fashion, is a disaster worse than the crumbling buildings and poorly-made products that she sends around the world, which is that she is giving the entire world the impression that she is a tyrant who does not care about her people and values power more than their lives.

The latest incident showing this comes from a fight between two Chinese cities, Dali and Chongqinq, where the Dali municipal government stole a shipment of hundreds of facemasks destined for Chongqing and gave them to her citizens, and when Chongqing asked where her shipment was the Dali government said it was ‘too late’.

Here’s how bad the shortages of critical supplies like facemasks have gotten in China: A city with only eight confirmed virus cases has provoked an outpouring of public rage by stealing a shipment of facemasks bound for another city, which has many more patients infected with the virus.

The government of Dali City, situated in the southwest province of Yunnan, ordered the “emergency requisition”, according to state media reports. Hospitals, towns and cities across China have been scrambling to get their hands on whatever medical supplies they can as the outbreak drains resources, sparking a country-wide shortage as the number of confirmed cases nears 30,000 (with the real number still suspected of being much higher).

The masks stolen by Dali were on their way to the city of Chongqing. When Chongqing told Dali to give the masks back, the government replied that it was too late, and that the 598 masks had already been distributed to its citizens.

That didn’t sit well with Chongqing, whose government pitched a fit, igniting the backlash on Chinese social media. (source)

China throughout her history has been known to break up into a series of warring states as she is invaded by a foreign power that soon after will mercilessly crush her, and also cause mass deaths and rapes. This is an unfortunately real and very stable fact about her.

While one is not seeing this happen right now, the delegitimization of the Chinese government taking place right now is unprecedented in modern times and while China is strong, she is also weak, and increasingly isolated from the rest of the world and if she is not careful, she has a serious risk of having her long, bloody, and sore history of violent and deadly revolution repeat once more again.

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