Cruise Ship With 3,700 People Gets Quarantined After 61 People Onboard Get Infected With Coronavirus

By Theodore Shoebat

A cruise ship with 3,700 people has been quarantined after 61 people have been effected with coronavirus, as we read in the New York Times:

Japan already had several confirmed coronavirus cases when a giant cruise ship arrived at the port of Yokohama last week.
Now, with the disclosure that 61 people from that ship have tested positive for the virus, Japan is scrambling to prevent a larger outbreak even as it is also preparing to welcome hundreds of thousands of visitors for the Summer Olympics starting in Tokyo in July.
The Japanese government on Monday quarantined the ship, the Diamond Princess, with more than 3,700 crew and passengers aboard, after learning that a man who had disembarked in Hong Kong on Jan. 25 had tested positive for the virus.
In the days since, it has become a fixture in Yokohama’s harbor, making a slow circuit toward shore for supplies and then back out to sea for quarantine.
Japanese health workers screened 273 people from the ship who showed symptoms or who had come into contact with the infected man. The health ministry said on Friday that 61 people were infected with coronavirus and had been taken to hospitals across several prefectures.
The remaining passengers and crew members have not yet been tested and will remain quarantined for 12 more days. Some passengers shared concern about the virus’s spread and about the days ahead stuck in their cabins.