Report: The Majority Of Americans Now Identify As Republicans Because Of Trump Getting Acquitted From Impeachment

By Theodore Shoebat

A recent article from the New York Times shows that the majority of Americans identify as Republican now that Trump has been acquitted:

As several people have noticed, this was the most politically successful week of the Trump presidency.
First, President Trump’s job approval numbers are rising. When the impeachment inquiry got rolling in October his Gallup approval rating was 39. Now it’s 49. If he can hold this level, he’ll probably be re-elected.
Second, impeachment never became a topic of conversation among rank-and-file Democrats, let alone independents and Republicans, so it was easily defeated in the Senate.
To the extent that it was noticed, impeachment worked for Republicans and against Democrats. Approval of the Republican Party is now at 51 percent, its highest since 2005. More Americans now identify as Republicans than as Democrats. As Gallup dryly observed in announcing these numbers, “Gallup observed similar public opinion shifts when Bill Clinton was impeached.”

I’ve been saying this since the beginning: the impeachment situation was always a help for Trump because it makes him look like a victim. I’ll post my last video on the impeachment situation: