Hundreds Of Suspected Coronavirus Cases Spread Across India

China is the most populous nation on earth second only to India, and there is a fear that if the coronavirus spreads to India, the disease could truly go global. This fear seems to have been realized as hundred of suspected cornoavirus cases are exploding across the Subcontinent.

Even as the infectious coronavirus continues to claim lives in China, many other countries have been reporting several cases of flu-like symptoms among people who have travelled to the epicentre of the outbreak, the Hubei province. In mainland China, the number of confirmed cases rose to 28,018, with 563 reported deaths.

Amidst the situation in China, several Indian states have admitted people in hospitals and are keeping many under observation for suspected symptoms of coronavirus. Till now, India has reported three confirmed cases of coronavirus from Kerala. According to the Ministry of Health, a total of 5,123 are monitored under home surveillance.

As a precautionary measure, the government has imposed surveillance in Karnataka districts bordering Kerala including Kodagu, Mangaluru, Chamarajanagar, and Mysuru. Moreover, Kempegowda International Airport (KIA) has conducted thermal screening for coronavirus on 10,184 passengers from January 20 till Wednesday.

About 22 suspects of coronavirus symptoms have been reported from Punjab. Other places where people are being examined for the symptoms of coronavirus are Hyderabad, Odisha, Delhi, and Manesar.

Kerala has witnessed the maximum number of suspected cases. According to the Kerala Health Minister, KK Shailaja, a total of 2,421 people have been put under observation including 100 people in quarantine facilities. People who have returned from China must stay at their homes for 28 days.

On Wednesday, three coronavirus suspects were admitted in the hospitals in Uttar Pradesh. The suspects are monitored in the government hospitals in Balrampur, Agra, and Gonda districts. According to the reports, all three individuals recently returned from China and showcased flu-like symptoms.

In an official statement, Director of communicable diseases, UP, Dr Mithlesh Chaturvedi said, “The three patients have been kept under observation while their families have been checked to rule out flu. Their samples have been taken and sent to NIV Pune to check for coronavirus.” (source)

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