The US Embassy Warns US Citizens In Iraq: ‘More Violent Demonstrations To Come’

The US Embassy has warned US citizens in Iraq that more violent demonstrations are to come, as we read in a report from Kurdistan24:

 The US embassy in Iraq advised Americans resident in Iraq to take precautions and remain alert, as widespread protests are planned for Baghdad and Najaf this week, starting on Tuesday.

An embassy announcement explained, “According to reports, large-scale demonstrations, events, and processions are expected to take place in Baghdad on February 11-13, as well as in Najaf on February 14.”

The alert explained that the situation would likely be similar to prior demonstrations and would lead to “road closures, including in the Baghdad International Zone and in the vicinity of Baghdad International Airport.”

The alert also stated that US consular operations in Baghdad would remain suspended.

It instructed US citizens not to approach the embassy, with the exception of the US Consulate in Erbil.

“The US Consulate General in Erbil is open for visa and American Citizen Services appointments, including passport issuance,” it said.

The statement also advised US nationals “not to travel to Iraq as per the January 11, 2020, travel advisory.” Those already in Iraq, except for those in the Kurdistan Region, should avoid “areas of demonstrations, and monitor local media for updates.”

The embassy frequently warns US citizens in Iraq to maintain a heightened awareness of security issues and take appropriate measures at all times when living and working in the country.