Senegalese Migrant Attacked By Mob In Palermo Screaming “Sh*tty N*gger, Get Out Of Here”

Racialist and xenophobic violence exists all around the world, but the political and social climate for such actions in Europe portend and omen of violence in the continent as nationalist sentiments are rising among a poor economy, decay of religion, and a general lack of purpose or direction found among many youth. While there has been a lot of tensions involving migrants and Europe, there is an emerging pattern of violence against them that could result in them being blamed for the problems of Europe and eventually being put to death for eugenics and political ends.

A concerning incident happened in the Sicilian city of Palermo, home of many cosa nostra gangs where a Senegalese migrant was attacked by a mob screaming “Sh*tty n*gger, get out of here.” The man was beaten but is expected by doctors to recover.

A 20-year-old Senegalese-Italian living in Palermo was the victim of a racist attack in the Sicilian capital on the night of Saturday and Sunday, sources said Monday.

A group of teenagers allegedly surrounded him and punched him in the face shouting “sh**ty n**ger, get out of here”.

The alleged attack took place in the central Via Cavour, in the heart of the weekend drinking and nightclubbing scene.

The man was treated on the spot and taken to Palermo’s Civico Hospital.

His mother said “last night my son was coming home from work (when he was attacked).

“Why all this hatred just because of the colour of his skin?” It was she who reported the incident to police.

The man suffered bruises to the face.

Medical sources said he would get better in 10 days. (source)

If this is just the beginning, what does one imagine the future may look like?

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