COVID-19 Coronavirus May Cause Kidney And Male Reproductive Damage

The COVID-19 Coronavirus is unknown to science, and the most likely explanation for this is because it is a military weapon meant to kill people in large numbers. New developments continue to come out about that tell us more about what this thing is and what it can potentially do.

A new study released a week ago found that COVID-19 may cause damage to the kidneys as well as the male reproductive system.

Several researches have indicated that some patients have abnormal renal function or even kidney damage in addition to injury in respiratory system, and the related mechanism is unknown. This arouses our interest in whether coronavirus infection will affect the urinary and male reproductive systems. Here in this study, we used the online datasets to analyze ACE2 expression in different human organs. The results indicate that ACE2 highly expresses in renal tubular cells, Leydig cells and cells in seminiferous ducts in testis. Therefore, virus might directly bind to such ACE2 positive cells and damage the kidney and testicular tissue of patients (source)

When the is considered in combination with the fact that HIV antiviral drugs are being used to treat COVID-19, which can cause damage to the heart, kidneys, or reproductive system, it becomes more interesting as the potential for harm not may just come from the virus, but one could die from the attempts to treat it.

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