“Catholic” High School Students Stage Walk Out In Support Of Sodomite Teachers

The saying in the Church that ‘as goes the Church, so goes the world’ remains true. Catholic teaching on the sodomites has not changed, and as the Church teaches, even if the entire world goes mad and denies truth, the support of numbers does not change moral truth and one is still bound by it.

It is a known scandal in the Church in the US that many support the abominable evil that is sodomite behavior. This is not a new fact, and it has been known for years. That said, there are many people who still insist on calling themselves Catholic in spite of their refusal to even address the nature of this sin and would attempt to give false legitimacy to it.

A recent story out of Washington state shows this were many students from a Catholic High School have staged a walkout because the school fired two sodomite teachers.

Students at Kennedy Catholic High School say two gay teachers were forced out of their jobs, prompting outrage and a show of force. Now the Archdiocese is on the record.

The controversy spilled into the streets and ended in protest outside Kennedy Catholic itself.

They walked into the brilliant sunshine, chanting in unison.

“We want change! We want change!”

Hundreds of Kennedy Catholic High School students put administrators, and indeed, the church on notice that they seek a different future.

“One where all are valued and appreciated for who they are,” said Justin Baker, a senior leader, to loud applause.

“We stand here because we love our school and we love our teachers,” Angel John, Kennedy Catholic Student Body President, told her fellow students. “And this was an injustice we cannot tolerate.” (source)

The fact that the school fired the teachers is a good thing. One can point to past hypocritical behavior, but somebody has to start with something, even small steps.

One cannot be a practicing sodomite and hold a position of authority in the Church because not only is it a sin, not only has it been consistently proven in the Church for almost two decades of research based on almost a century of cases of abuse that sodomites constitute over 80% of all sexual abuse propagators, but that the sodomites will expose others, especially children, to their perversions by their actions.

Anybody who support those sodomites, based strictly on the direct link that has been proven (see for example the John Jay Study of 2004) between this bloc and the sexual abuse of children, not only does not want to solve the “sexual abuse crisis”, but arguably could be construed as being a supporter of the abuse because of the overwhelming evidence concerning such connection.

The fact that the students support this is not good, and it is a sign of the further consolidation of the Church that will take place in the US, which will likely lead to a ‘legalized’ persecution in the future a-la that which took place in the UK, where the cover of law is used to strip the Church of her power and assets, except instead of it being the King of England, there is a strong chance it will be a citizen of the city of Sodom and her sisters.

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