AI Machine Learning Finds New Antibiotic To Help Fight Superbugs

Artificial intelligence and “machine learning” will be a major trend for the future. Trends suggest that AI will be able to detect new patterns that humans previously did not and greatly improve the learning and discovery process. While there are many dangers associated with AI, this is one of the very positive patterns that will be coming, and it is a reason why for the future, those who know how to use the AI will be able to have a better change of distinguishing themselves and building a life.

Following on this trend, scientists have now discovered using AI machine learning a new antibiotic that seems to be able to treat superbugs, which are threatening the existence of the current classes of antibiotics and threatening the return of a new 19th century type situation where people will die of curable, simple diseases.

For decades, discovering novel antibiotics meant digging through the same patch of dirt. Biologists spent countless hours screening soil-dwelling microbes for properties known to kill harmful bacteria. But as superbugs resistant to existing antibiotics have spread widely, breakthroughs were becoming as rare as new places to dig.

Now, artificial intelligence is giving scientists a reason to dramatically expand their search into databases of molecules that look nothing like existing antibiotics.

A study published Thursday in the journal Cell describes how researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology used machine learning to identify a molecule that appears capable of countering some of the world’s most formidable pathogens. (source)

There is a lot that is not good with AI, but there are also many good and hopeful things.

It is similar to the Internet. It can be used for good or for evil. How it is used is up to those who use it.

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