Europe Stands On The Edge Of ANOTHER Refugee Crisis As One Million Iraqi Refugees Flee Towards Turkey, Europe

During the refugee crisis of 2016, exposed after much research how the entire migration issue was caused by intentional displacement in the Middle East, how people were being mass trafficked into Europe for the purpose of causing political destabilization and supporting nationalism for the purposes of militarism.

We have been saying this tirelessly for years now: the refugee issue is not about refugees, but about starting another major war in Europe, with the US and Germany as well as Russia at the center of driving the crisis.

About a week ago, Ted warned that two reports have since come out from Germany and US sources warning about another very likely refugee crisis in the next six to nine months in Europe that will be far worse than the one in 2016. This would involve people from the Middle East, such as Iraq, but also likely will include those displaced in West Africa from fighting in the Sahel region from Burkina Faso to northern Nigeria.

Europe is on the edge of another refugee crisis, and one that she wants in order to continue the support of nationalism that began in 2016.

Now with this noted, there is a wave of one million migrants right now from Iraq heading to Turkey and potentially Europe.

The Akoush family and nearly a million others have been on the run, unable to find an escape from Syria’s monthslong military assault on the country’s last rebel stronghold. The offensive aims to defeat the remnants of armed opposition to the regime of President Bashar al-Assad. So far, it has yielded the largest displacement of people in Syria’s 9-year civil war.

Turkish officials said that although Mr. Erdogan was preoccupied by the risk of an attack on Syrian troops, he was far more worried about the political storm at home if millions more Syrian refugees began streaming into Turkey.

Mr. Erdogan warned that if he opened Turkey’s border with Syria, he wouldn’t keep refugees and migrants from heading to Europe. In 2016, Turkey reached a deal with European states to curb illegal migration to the bloc. If Turkey opens its doors, Europe could experience another migration wave. (source)

The migration crisis has started.

Look for a repeat of 2016 but worse.

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