Serbian Nationalists Start “Anti-Migrant Patrols” Again In Belgrade

During the 2016 migrant crisis and for a few years after, we saw the rise of nationalist type groups and arguably, militias patrolling the streets of major European cities in the name of “protecting” them from migrant attacks. What was less talked about was how many of these groups were, if not openly pagan, associated with national socialism or related causes, and rumor abounded of them attacking migrants without cause in the name of racial violence. Thus, these “defense forces”, if one can call them that, actually turned out to be forces that encouraged violence and worsened what was already a bad situation, and as I have repeatedly pointed out, the situation with the migrants was manufactured from outside by creating social and political conditions meant to cause a humanitarian and migration crisis. has been warning- and we will keep warning -that our review of reports say a major migrant crisis is imminent in the next six to nine months. We have already seen how a migrant caravan from Idlib is moving toward Turkey and likely will pass in to Europe, and there is another potential migration ready to come from West Africa due to violence there. Likewise, there is a slow return of “anti-migrant” material to the Internet.

Now we are seeing, in the historically polarized city of Belgrade, which saw migrants pass by and was a center of much nationalist, pagan, and national socialist activity as reported, Belgrade is seeing the return of “anti-migrant” patrols as reported by the Serbian news site SRBIN.

We walked the streets of Belgrade fraternally today. We wanted to see the situation in the city, since there were many problems in migrants in Belgrade and elsewhere in Serbia. We did not come here to campaign against migrants, but against migrant violence. No one has the right to incite violence in our cities and our country. And what we promised the migrants in direct contact with them is that we will be on these streets this evening, and all the following evenings, telling them that it is not worth it to do stupid things – to touch our women, children and people – because we will respond. We are not the Government, nor are we the police. We will answer popularly, and this is no good to anyone. I hope that they will understand the message, that there will be less problems in the coming period and that the law enforcement agencies will do their job. (source)

This is just the beginning.

Expect to see a lot more of this, and it lead to violence.

The issue is a lot more complicated that to simplify it to “migrants.” This is about power, and creating conditions for the revival of contemporary eugenics.

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