Pro-Sodom Feminist Declares The Nuclear Family Must Be Abolished To Save Sodomites

American culture has become subject to sodom. This is not an exaggeration but the literal truth. It is almost impossible in society to avoid this because it is promoted everywhere. What was considered “countercultural” 30 to 40 years ago in now the normal, and what was looked at and considered by all to be “normal” is now the countercultural, as in having a family and living a civil life.

But this is not enough for some, for it was warned that the eventual goal would be the abolition of the family in the name of social good. One pro-sodom feminist is saying this, arguing that the family ‘hurts’ sodomites, and in order to ‘save’ the sodomites, the family must be abolished.

At this point, “surrogacy” becomes somewhat metaphorical: Lewis isn’t asking that we all agree to physically gestate fetuses that aren’t biologically ours. Her radical proposition is that we practice “full surrogacy” by abolishing the family. That means caring for each other not in discrete private units (also known as nuclear households), but rather within larger systems of care that can provide us with the love and support we can’t always get from blood relations—something Lewis knows all too well.

Even those of us who might call our family situations relatively “happy” should sign onto this project of demolishing their essential structure, Lewis says. Nuclear households create the infrastructure for capitalism, passing wealth and property down family trees, concentrating it in the hands of the few at the top of our class hierarchy. Maintaining the traditional family structure over time has also meant exploiting people of color and disowning queer children. (source)

If one does not think that laws could be passed against families, think again.

It was not long ago that people did not believe that sodomite marriage would be permitted. Or the pedophiles would start supporting child rape. Or that people would support mass legalization of drugs. The list could go on. But they all happened.

This is a warning shot for the future. Take note because one is seeing now what is intended in the next thirty years.

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