Trump Declares His Love Of Sodom By Praising Sodomite Indian Movie

Trump declared on his campaign trail that he loves sodom. His adminstration has made this clear as he has bent over for every cause of the sodomite agenda when the opportunity has been presented to him. His so-called ‘opposition’ to this bloc is easily rebuffed by his actions, which show that Trump has not ‘made America great again’, but rather made America more sodomitic than every before.

Now in another Tweet that has surprised many, Trump tweeted in support of a sodomite love film in India that marks the first of its kind from Bollywood.

Donald Trump has appeared to throw his weight behind the first major release featuring a gay love story in Indian cinema, in an unexpected foray into Bollywood from the US president.

His apparent endorsement came in response to an article on British LGBT+ website Pink News that had been shared by the prominent British rights campaigner Peter Tatchell.

Mr Tatchell tweeted the article along with its headline, which stated the movie hoped to “win over older people, following the decriminalisation of homosexuality” in the country. Mr Trump retweeted his post, adding: “Great!” (source)

This is what one can expect with a Trump 2020 victory.

He is not helping the country. He is only plunging it further into an abyss while enriching himself at the same time in the biggest reality television show he has ever done.

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