COVID-19 Is Causing Severe Supply Chain Interruptions

Supply chains are very important. If one cannot get parts or goods, one cannot produce or deliver one’s goods, and if left long enough, entire economies can shut down. Yet this is what is happening to China due to the COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak in a story from Bloomberg News reported by way of MSN News.

A Hong Kong watch maker who can’t get coils or wheels. New Zealand lobsters released back into the wild. A San Diego game studio facing delays to its latest fantasy board games.

The coronavirus outbreak that has hobbled China’s economy is increasingly ricocheting through the world economy and supply chains. (source)

Right now one will not see any problems.

But wait for six to nine months from now, which is the approximate “lead time” for production in manufacturing.

As I have been saying, but your tools, parts, and anything made in China that you might need RIGHT NOW. Don’t rush, but be calm, because once the effects of the supply chain shut down start to take effect, it will cause a sharp increase in prices followed by shortages nationwide.

And, as I should add, also just in time for the 2020 election in November, when it appears that AMERICAN PATRIOT Trump will face off against a SOCIALIST AND COMMUNIST associated opponent.

The theme is too perfect. One absolutely cannot prove, but almost would get the feeling as though it was designed to happen this way…

But that is another matter, purely speculative, and for another time.

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