Eight Indian Christians Falsely Accused Of Forced Conversions Declared Innocent

Christians in India have faced increasing persecution, including accusations of false or forced conversions. However, in some good news, eight Christians that have faced a nearly three-year long legal battle after being falsely accused of forced conversions were declared innocent by an Indian court according to a report from the International Christian Concern:

In May 2017, eight Christians, including six men and two women, were arrested at a train station in Ratlam after they were accused of kidnapping and attempting to forcefully convert 60 children they were accompanying to a summer Bible camp. According to reports at the time, the parents of all 60 children had given their consent for their children to attend the Bible camp and many of them were practicing Christians.

On Tuesday, a Criminal Court in Ratlam officially announced the acquittal of the eight Christians. According to Asia News, an explosion of joy was released by the Christian community in the courtroom when the acquittal was read. (source)

One should not celebrate too quickly. The situation of Christian persecution in India has not fundamentally improved, and is going to get a lot worse as Hindu nationalists increase their power. They have made clear that they want to massacre Christians and create a ‘pure Hindu ethnostate’ and expect to do this in about ten years, when the major powers are at war and will not pay attention to India.

For those who have friends in India or want to help Indian Christians, the best way to help them is to help them leave India, for once the violence starts, this will be impossible due to the extensive measures the Indian government has put in, including the Aadhaar national ID card system, which is the most advanced of such systems on earth as it links all personal information to one database.

It is good to hear a story such as this, but one must be even more prepared for what is to come.

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