Major Boxer Licks The Blood Off Of His Opponent During Fight

Cannibalism is on the rise as a trend that is going to continue for a while. It has become associated with much of the “manliness” movement, that while not directly associating itself with eating people, praises the concept of the “beast” within, and that animalistic darwin along the style of a new tribalism is the future, and wherever such concepts arise, they generally lead to cannibalism.

Many people remember when Mike Tyson bit off a part of Evander Holyfield’s ear during their famous boxing match. Now another similar scandal has arisen as the Irish-British boxer Tyson Fury was caught licking the blood off of his opponent during a fight as the New York Post reports.

Did Tyson Fury lick Deontay Wilder’s blood? That appeared to be the case during his seventh-round TKO victory on Saturday night at the MGM Grand Garden in Las Vegas.

In the sixth round, Fury bloodied Wilder’s ear and seemed to lick the blood off his shoulder in a bizarre scene. (source)

With the rise of more forms of extreme cage fighting and the legitimization of cannibalism growing, it would not be a surprise to see more actions such as this in the future.

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