Thirty-Two People Killed And Presbyterian Church Burned Down Following Violence In Cameroon

Right now there is a major conflict taking place in Cameroon. The Central African nation which shares a border with Nigeria is seeing a conflict between her English-speaking minority in the western regions and the Francophone majority. The conflict has resulted in countless numbers of people being killed, and according to the Christian Post, at least one Presbyterian church being burned down and thirty-two people, fourteen of them children, in the latest round of violence.

A week after defense forces were accused of killing at least 32 people, including a pregnant woman and 14 children, in Cameroon’s civil war-ridden English-speaking region, a Presbyterian church was burned to ashes. (source)

I have noted that Burkina Faso and Iraq will likely become centers from which migrant traffic into Europe will come, fleeing violence in their native lands. While Cameroon is further into the heart of Africa, given her proximity to Nigeria and the serious conflict taking place, it would not be a surprise if Cameroon became another source of refugees for Europe, as this conflict, which is based on entirely shaky grounds, has caused a humanitarian crisis in that nation. Such a “migrant wave” would also likely involve people from Central African Republic, another nation with a long and sad history of violence ripping it apart.

Because migrants from sub-Saharan Africa must cross the Sahara desert to get to Europe, there are only a few main travel routes that operate with any ease. The first main one goes along the coast of West Africa to Spain, another along the Nile Delta and East African coast, and the other is straight through Chad into Libya. During the 2016 refugee crisis, Libya became one of two main staging grounds, the other in Morocco, for the transport of migrants to Europe, the first destination countries being Spain and Italy respectively.

Wherever there is a humanitarian disaster, migration naturally follows, regardless of the people or the society. The US has made sure, along with the French (in the Sahel region) and other powers to sufficiently destroy the Middle East and Africa to precipitate a refugee crisis, and just like 2016, it will not be a surprise if once again, the same governments are found to be directly participating in trafficking people into Europe as it was exposed four years ago.

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