WHO Still Refuses To Call COVID-19 Coronavirus Spread A Pandemic

In the American cult classic film Animal House, there is a scene where actor Kevin Bacon declares “All is well” at a public event. But as the crowd at the event turns into a chaotic mob, Bacon’s character becomes desperate to maintain the image of control when he even cannot compose himself. What was once his ordered statement of “all is well” becomes him shaking his fists, screaming “all is well” until he is at last trampled underfoot by the same crowd.

This example of trying to feign calm in the middle of obvious and blatant chaos is similar to what is happening with the COVID-19 Coronavirus. Major governments around the world, and now even the World Health Organization, are refusing to call the spread a “pandemic” even though is clearly is one as Zero Hedge reports.

As the White House prepares to request an emergency spending package from Congress as soon as this week – a package that could seek close to $1 billion, as we’ve previously noted – WHO’s Dr. Tedros said during the organization’s Monday morning press briefing that the outbreak isn’t yet a true “pandemic” because the world hasn’t seen “large-scale deaths”. (source)

It is not good what is happening, but what matters now is how one responds to it.

If every day is a gift, then every crisis, no matter how bad, is an opportunity for one to help oneself and others, to earn money as well as to do moral good.

The focus among the common people right now should not be on fear or panic. Rather, focus it on preparation for food and exposure. This varies with each person’s individual circumstances, but the fact is that the disease is going to spread around the world and it cannot be stopped. All that can be controlled is one’s response to it.

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