After Years Of Bashing Obama For Making A Deal With Iran, The Trump Administration Now Wants To Sign A Deal With The Taliban

By Theodore Shoebat

For how many years did Trump bash Obama for making a deal with the Iranians? Now, after all this, the Trump administration wants to make a deal with the Taliban. As we read in a report from DW:

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said on Tuesday that the US will sign a troop reduction deal in Afghanistan with the Taliban, if the current weeklong reduction in violence is successful.

“If — and only if — it’s successful, we will sign the US-Taliban agreement,” he told reporters. The agreement would include negotiations around the withdrawal of thousands of US troops from the country for the first time in 18 years.

“All sides are tired of fighting. We have arrived at an historic opportunity for peace — we should seize the moment,” he added.

The deal is expected to be signed in Doha on Saturday.

Obama and his administration argued that the Iran Deal was important because it prevented Iran from building a nuke while at the same time allowing the Iranians to have commercial deals with Western countries (like those of the EU) and thus satisfied both sides. The Obama administration got intense criticism from the Republicans from the time before the Iran Deal was completed to after it was created, to now. But lets watch as Trump fanatics defend their administration for negotiating with the Taliban. They will argue that its for peace (just like the Democrats did for for the Iran Deal), they will argue that Trump is the greatest negotiator and he will ‘make it happen’ and put the fear of true American strength into the hearts of the terrorists; they will argue that the deal is contingent upon the Taliban not being violent and thus its a good negotiation (just like the Democrats did for for the Iran Deal).

No matter how they defend the administration, they will have to deal with the fact that they are praising Trump for the very thing that Obama did with Iran, only that this time… its the Taliban, the very terrorist organization that the US government blamed 9/11 for. So while Obama was (in conservative eyes) appeasing Hitler himself when extended a negotiation hand to the Iranian government, Trump is okay with negotiating with a terrorist organization responsible for the deaths of thousands of Americans. Congratulations, Trump fanatics, you are now practitioners in the art of hypocrisy (not the “art of the deal,” sorry).