Hungary And Poland Sign Strategic Military Partnership With NATO

Poland, Hungary, Slovakia, and Czechia make up the “Visegrad Group”, an alliance formed in 1991 to look out for the mutual defense of each other. Poland is the largest and most powerful of the group, and given her history of being overrun and destroyed by Germany and Russia alike, she wants to ensure that when the next major conflict comes (and it always does), that she can minimize destruction inflicted upon her. There is no escaping disaster, but rather mitigating it. This is the reason for Poland’s alliance with the Americans. It is not about a love of America, but rather a way to keep Germany under control as much as possible while also keeping Russia away from her.

Because of the US ties to NATO, and the US insistence on keeping Germany in her sphere of influence, Poland has directly or indirectly played an important role in this. A recent agreement between Hungary and Poland illustrates this, where the two powers agreed to work together closer on military ties according to Hungary Today.

Hungarian Defence Minister Tibor Benkő and his Polish counterpart Mariusz Blaszczak on Monday signed an agreement on the two countries’ strategic partnership within NATO’s special operations cooperation, the Hungarian defence ministry said.

The ministers also discussed regional cooperation of the defence forces, the statement said.

Benkő said Hungary had a vested interest in Poland prioritising the Visegrad Group as a framework for cooperation.

Blaszczak said Poland wished to keep up cooperation especially in education, training, military exercises and curbing migration. (source)

Note the emphasis on “curbing migration.” There is no doubt this will be a focus used to leverage nationalism in Poland in the future, as well as Hungary, but the fact is that Poland right now is not acting out of per se manipulation to try to stop a war, but rather to prepare for what is coming. She is no fool, for having saved Europe from Muslim invasions in 1683, she was promptly thanked by being ripped apart by the lands of Germany, Russia, and Austria, and ceased to exist for approximately 150 years, re-emerged for a short time before being invaded by Germany and nearly exterminated in the name of Germanic nationalism, and after World War II had the Russians come in, round up countless Poles, deport them to Siberia, and then force the rest to live under Soviet influence as a puppet nation behind the Iron Curtain until 1991.

If any nation knows what is at stake, Poland does and she wants to play her position as best as possible for the sake of her own survival, for she does not want to go through what she has for the last four centuries.

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