Austrian Director Makes Movie Featuring Robots And Pedophilia

Robots and artificial intelligence are major trends for the future that will shape human life in the same way that the Industrial Revolution and Internet did. Likewise, there is a continued trend for the sexual abuse of minors, especially pedophilia, that is growing due to the influence of the sodomite agenda that is also going to be an issue to watch carefully.

But what happens if one puts the two together, such as with robots and pedophilia? Such would seem to be a strange and sick experiment in a look at the future, but that is what one Austrian movie director has done, displaying a relationship between a ten-year-old “robot” girl and her middle-aged human “owner” in what The Hollywood Reporter is saying has clear sexual overtones.

Sandra Wollner’s drama about a 10-year-old android and her “Daddy” could prove to be one of the festival’s most divisive.

Landing under the auspices of the Berlinale’s newly introduced Encounters strand aimed at fostering “aesthetically and structurally daring works,” The Trouble With Being Born, having its world premiere Thursday, could well end up being the most daring – not to mention divisive – film in a festival not known for holding back on provocation.

Despite a remarkably lifelike appearance, the child – Elli – is actually an android, her memories programmed. And it doesn’t take long to realise that there’s something else to her relationship with this very human, very middle-aged man she calls “Daddy.”

Much of the nocturnal activity is only implied (perhaps leading many to question the depths of their own imagination), but there are moments where there’s absolutely no doubt as to the rather envelope-pushing direction the film is taking. (source)

As disturbing and disgusting as the concept behind the film is, it is providing a look into the future.

People say that the human race is continually evolving, but rather, she is not and instead devolving away from being human and into forms of pre-Christian barbarism with a technological coating, thus having more dangerous tools but lacking the philosophy and beliefs that give humanity to people and distinguish right from wrong.

This is what this film portrays. It is an advanced technological world with all of the benefits of today and presumably more, but the ancient barbarity of the past. Truly, it is proof that evolution is not a quality of human biology, but one of the soul, and that as man drifts further from God he does not evolve, but returns to a bestial state. The difference is that in the past it was easier to see and identify, but today it is just better hidden, giving the impression of evolution while being more barbaric now than at any point in his history, with the difference not being the specific actions, but the intensity, repeating nature, and ability to propagate them.

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