Bloomberg Makes Freudian Slip Live On Television, Declares That He “Bought” Democrat Candidates In The 2018 Election

Sometimes people say things that they don’t intend to. At times this can be innocent or have few unintended consequences. Other times it can be highly destructive.

According to a story on Zero Hedge by way of the Washington Post that was broadcast live for the entire nation to see, during the recent Democrat debate, Bloomberg started to declare but “corrected” himself that he “bought twenty-one congressional Democrats their seats in the 2018 election.

While he was touting his $100 million in donations to House Democrats, he essentially bragged that he “bought” 21 congressional Democrats their seats in 2018 midterms.

“Let’s just go on the record, they talk about 40 Democrats,” Bloomberg said, referring to former Vice President Joe Biden.

“Twenty-one of those were people that I spent $100 million to help elect,” he continued.

“All of the new Democrats that came in and put Nancy Pelosi in charge and gave the Congress the ability to control this president, I bough-… I got them.” (source)

It is common knowledge that politicians are ‘selected’ and not ‘elected’, and that those who do the selecting are men such as Bloomberg who just buy people for lots of money because they have almost endless amounts of it to spend. However, there are still some things that people cannot do, and that is to just declare, essentially, “I just bought your election”, as this strikes at the image of the system in the public consciousness, and tends to make people angry and incite them to fight, because they feel they do not have a voice or a place in society, and will see less of a problem with causing trouble. It is a case of perception management that, like the COVID-19 coronavirus, could be more dangerous than the thing itself.

Bloomberg may have seriously hurt his campaign with this one, because even many Democrats do not want to associate with a person that clearly has a sense of elitism and by the nature of his words, even an open arrogance about him just buying people off. There is no sense of principle, not even the illusion of it, but just a complete disregard for the common man that is more the words of a dictator in a foreign land than what people believe the US still in some way to be.

However, remember that the main focus should be still on 2020. Trump will likely win, and it will be actions such as these that would likely drive a victory. If this happens, it will also be actions such as this that will be used as a justification for why the Democrat Party needs to “remake” herself, and likely put forth a powerful and successful candidate for 2024 that will most likely win.

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