Hindu Nationalist Terrorists Burn Eighty-Five Year Old Muslim Woman To Death In Her Home While Chanting “Hail Lord Ram”

Hindu terrorists are coming for both Christians and Muslims alike in their desire to realize the creation of a Hindu ethnostate and the forcible institution of Hinduism, enslavement, or execution. While there is much violence that the Muslim groups have committed against Hindus, and this certainly cannot be denied, there are more Hindus than Muslims in India, and the Hindus not only commit tremendous amounts of violence, but potentially are able to commit a horrible genocide.

According to The Scroll, and Indian publication, Hindu terrorists attacked a series of Muslim households for what appears to be nothing more than nationalist anger. While most people survived, an eighty-five year old woman died amid the smoke and flames as Hindu terrorists chanted “Jai Shree Ram” (Hail, Lord Ram) as their terrorism, attempted murder, and actual murder as an act of worship to their pagan gods.

While most of his family survived the arson, Salmani’s mother, 85-year-old Akbari, died in the fire on the third floor of their house. The building itself was burnt, including the family’s tailoring workshops on the first two floors. Salmani claims that the mobs also looted him of Rs 8 lakh and all the family jewellery stored in the building. “I have nothing left, I am zero,” he told Scroll.in.

Gamri extension near Khajuri Khas is one of the many areas across North East Delhi that have been rocked by violence after clashes broke out over the Citizenship Amendment Act. Clashes between supporters and opposers of the law began on Sunday evening and escalated from Monday onwards after mobs chanting “Jai Shri Ram” attacked several Muslim neighbourhoods with stones, lathis and arson. (source)

One may recall that highly disturbing scene from Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom where the Hindu cult is worshiping Kali and they do a human sacrifice.

This scene may be from a Hollywood film, but the essence of it is real.

All of those “Make India Great Again” type nationalists, with their saffron colored robes talking about Islam and immigration all day, are as evil as the men in that scene.

These people want to revive all of the evils of ancient India such as cow worship, the caste system, suttee, and human sacrifice, and they are doing it in the name of nationalism while opposing Christ and all that is good, even people of good will who are not Christians but many who desire to live a righteous life, and I speak of the Muslims here.

This is what the reality is. These are not “patriots”, but terrorists who murder old ladies while chanting to their sick deities.

Once upon a time it was men in brown shirts in Germany. Before that it was men with caps having red stars in Russia. Today, it is people in saffron colored robes in India. But the end all is the same- the suffering of the innocent, murder, eugenics, and death.

And they are not going down without a fight.

Will you be ready?

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