Sodomite Attacks And Stabs His Boyfriend With A Samurai Sword Because He Forgot To Buy Marijuana For Him

Sodomites are known for being violent and consuming drugs at much higher rates than the general population as statistical research consistently demonstrates. When sodomites commit crimes, there is also a tendency towards more violent and heinous types than that which is generally shown in the public.

A sodomite who claims to identify as a woman in Michigan demonstrated this pattern of behavior again after he attacked and stabbed his boyfriend with a samurai sword because his boyfriend forgot to buy marijuana for him according to Michigan Live.

Neil Patrick Wasinski, 28, was charged on Jan. 18 with assault with intent to murder, assault with a dangerous weapon and assaulting or resisting police after being arrested for attacking her boyfriend Jan. 16 with a 21-inch samurai sword at the Arbor One Apartments in Ypsilanti, records show.

Wasinski, or Nalla as she is known, is listed as a male in court documents but referred to as she in police records. A call made to Wasinski’s attorney was not immediately returned.

The intent to murder charge was dismissed at district court after Wasinski pleaded no contest to the remaining two charges during her preliminary examination, Feb. 13, records show. (source)

The sodomite agenda is very clear- it wants to legalize all forms of license so that in the name of ‘self-pursuit’ one can do whatever one wants without consequences.

Yet this pattern of violence and disorder is not going to stop because Americans want it. One cannot divorce the consequences of sodom from the act, as the two are linked. As long as people in the US claim to defend sodomite behavior and the LGBT lobby, for whatever reason, the problems which they bring will continue to grow and at that point are not even so much the fault of the LGBT, but the common man because he enabled them to rise. Just as a dog is going to be a dog, a cat a cat, and a fish a fish, a sodomite who refuses to repent and wants to define himself by sodomy is going to continue to act like a sodomite and bring the consequences of his behaviors, and while he is certainly doing evil, it is equally and possibly worse evil to legitimize, promote, and accept his evil behaviors.

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